Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Chalk" it up to One Fun Day!!!

This past weekend the four of us enjoyed some outside time.  It's been really cool here lately, so we were excited for a sunny and rain free day.

  The girls were ecstatic to "draw" outside.  But now I'm now having a little trouble explaining to them the difference of why it's ok to draw on things outside but it's not ok to draw on anything other than a coloring book inside.

Addison helping to complete the elephant.
Alexis found a dandelion in the yard and was super excited about it.

Then she realized she could blow all the seeds off of it...

The finished elephant.  Created by Terry and Addison.

Alexis told me to draw a boat.  This was the best I could do.

Addison wanted a punk-in.  Her new obsession is with pumpkins.

Love these two photos!

Terry was super proud of his elephant that he made with Addison that he said it deserves two photos!

We all had a blast playing outside with chalk. 
I've quickly learned that chalk is only to be played with on bath night.

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