Friday, November 15, 2013


Over the past week or so, I've been receiving messages from my bossy sister that look something like this:

  • It is time to update the blog. I need pictures.
  • Update the blog!

Yeah well,  I hate to say that I have taken zero pictures over the last week.  Actually, that is a is the one and only picture that I took via my cell this week:

I took this photo to send to Terry showing him what I needed him to get while at the grocery store on a quick milk run.  We have gotten some kind of cold/flu bug that has hit our house pretty hard.  Today is actually the first day that I feel like my head isn't going to explode or my throat doesn't feel like it is on fire.
The girls have bounced back fairly quickly, but this bug has clean knocked me on my rump! 
To my bossy sister:  I hope to return to my regularly scheduled blog posting soon! 
Keep your pants on!!!  Love you!!!  :-)

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