Sunday, February 8, 2015


Last Saturday we took the girls to our local Children's Museum.  I knew in advance that Spider-Man was going to be making a special appearance.  Ever since Alexis was about 3 1/2 she has loved Spidey!  You may even remember that she dressed up as Spider-Man for Halloween in 2013.  She was beyond excited to actually get to meet him in person.
We arrived a few hours before our scheduled time to meet with Spidey.  The girls were happy just to run around and play.  Addison informed me that you are never too old to ride the carousel.

We played in the music room for a bit.  It makes me sad that these toddler/kid rooms are getting a little small for my big girls.

And of course, the reason for our visit.....

Addison cracked me up!  She was practicing her web fingers the whole time we were in line.  Then when she got up to meet Spidey she couldn't remember how to do it!

I absolutely love this last photo.  I only wish it wasn't blurry!!

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