Friday, December 23, 2016

Second Arm Surgery for Alexis....

On Monday, December 19th we returned to the hospital for Alexis to have the rod removed from her arm.  We left our house bright and early at 4:45am in order to be at the hospital by 5:30.  I wasn't sure how the traffic would be as well as the road conditions.  We arrived at 5:20 and was almost immediately taken back from prep.

Alexis changed into her hospital gown and had her arm marked.  She absolutely hates this process.  She doesn't understand it and hates that it takes almost 10 days for the marker to come off.

Despite the marker, she smiled through the whole process.  Ignore her bed head.  I literally woke her up like 5 minutes before we were leaving.  She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and quickly brushed her hair.

Still smiling even as the wheeled her off to surgery.

It took her a little bit to wake up, but she was still smiling.

We got home a little before 10am.  She jumped into my bed for a short nap.  She only slept for about 90 minutes and was awake and ready for lunch.  She really has been so brave throughout this entire process.  As I type this, we are four days post surgery.  We've removed the wrap and she only has a little butterfly bandage over her stitches.  The first day after removing the wrap she was struggling slightly to move her arm.....that has since went away and I have to constantly remind her that she still has stitches and she needs to take it easy.  Hopefully in another week those stitches will be gone and we can regain normal activities.

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