Monday, February 23, 2009

Just like their Dad...

We have a built in stereo in the bathroom that usually is set on the local 70's-80's channel because that is primarily what Terry listens to all the time. I was laying in the bath trying to relieve the constant pain in my lower back when both babies start moving around like crazy and kicking me pretty consistently. Then it stopped for a few minutes and then it started again. I think the babies already have developed their own taste in music. The first song that got them all hyped up was "Do you feel like we do" by Peter Frampton and the second song that got them moving was the live version of "In the air tonight" by Phil Collins. I'm not sure if they were moving around and kicking me because they actually like the songs or because they were unhappy with the songs. Terry seems to think that they were dancing to the music. He says that he likes both of those songs so his girls have great taste in music already, just like their Dad!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Alexis & Addison's latest update....

Yep, we have decided on names for our girls. Addison Grace & Alexis Faith. We knew Addison was our girls name from the beginning but we finally decided/agreed on Alexis yesterday while waiting in the doctors office.

Our appointment went well. No new pictures to post (insert sad face here). Our OB just basically wanted to check my cervix and make sure that everything is still going well. Due to some family history (all my sisters hate this hereditary stuff!!!), the doctor is following me pretty closely to make sure my cervix can withstand both babies (too much information, I know).

He did a real quick ultrasound to make sure that both babies are still there, that their heartbeats are strong, and that they are continuing to grow. According to my weight gain, they are growing like wild flowers!!! I'm up 10.5 pounds since my appointment last month. Bringing total weight gain to about 17 pounds. Dr. Cleary said that I should gain about 2-3 pounds a week, from here on out. YIKES!!!

My only major freak out so far has been this annoying as hell, vericous vein in my right leg. Which until yesterday, I was convinced was a major blood clot that was going to make me lose my leg. Yes, I am well aware of the fact that this makes me sound like a major drama queen but if you could have seen my leg, you would have been scared too!! Again, thanks to the Flanigan hereditary genes, I'm battling a ginormous vericous vein in my right leg. It runs about 3 inches down my leg and is about 1/4 of an inch wide. SUPER GROSS!!!! Some days it's black and some days it's purple. The doc convinced me that this is nothing to be concerned about. He said that if the vein becomes red, swollen and hot to the touch then I need to go to the ER immediately. He said that I would much rather have swollen veins in my leg as opposed to other areas of my body. He basically was referring to hemmeroids. (AGAIN WITH THE TMI!!!) So, I have to agree with him there!

Oh, and we did finally finish our baby registry at Babies 'r' Us yesterday afternooon, thanks to a ton of help from my mother in law. I feel very fortunate that both of Terry's siblings have had girls. They have been giving us all of their clothes and Terry's sister, Gretchen has twin girls as well. She has given us a TON of baby stuff!!! We never will fully be able to show them our gratitude for helping us out, but it's nice to know that clothing is one expense we never will have to worry about. I also appreciate all the advice as to what items are garbage and what items to pay just a little extra for to get better quality.

Other than that, not much else new to report. The nursery process is still at a hault. But hopefully, we will be able to recruit some help this weekend to move furniture.

New dates to remember:
Specialty Ultrasound Tuesday, March 3rd @ 2:30 EST
OB appointment Wednesday, March 18th @ 11:00 EST

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, my family in St. Louis is hosting my first baby shower (Saturday, March 7th). Terry's family is hosting one in Chicago (Saturday, April 4th) and my beautiful friend Sherry is going to host one in Indianapolis (probably May 2nd or 3rd).

My 'lil sis, Karen designed the shower invite for my Missouri shower. It's super cute!!! Although, she describes it as "nothing special" I think she did a great job. (See the above picture)

Doesn't it seem so unrealistic that I'm over half way??? I can't hardly believe it!!! Although it doesn't seem real yet, I'm excited to finally start really celebrating our little miracle babies with family and friends. Yes, our showers are very early, but this was done so that I will actually be able to travel to them. We appreciate everyone taking my health and the health of our daughters into consideration when planning these.

On another note:
The decorating of the nursery has officially begun. Anyone who knows my procrastinator husband, knows that he's a great painter/decorator, but things must go at his pace. Which nine times out of ten is pretty equal to a snails pace. My downstairs powder room took almost 3 months to paint. So, I knew that we needed to start this process very early.
We have two spare rooms which both are 14x16. Just to make my explanations easy, we call one room the blue room and one room the white room. We decided to make the room with the walk in closet the nursery(the white room). Both rooms have furniture in them right now, but one set of furniture is obviously better than the other. So, we need to take the furniture from the blue room (the not so good stuff) down to the basement, and move the furniture from the white room into the blue room. This process started on Sunday, but Terry quickly found out that he can not do it alone. Obviously, I can not help so we are waiting for some friends to come over and help out. Once the furniture moving is done the painting shall commence. I will post pictures and updates of this process once it begins.
I was able to clean out the closet and transfer the stuff/junk from one closet to the other over the weekend. Although it's been a slow process, I'm OK with it. I still worry on a daily basis that something may potentially happen and we will be left with an empty baby nursery. So right now, I think baby steps is the best way to proceed!! As I learned in my readings this week.... God makes things beautiful in its own time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11) so I will patiently wait for it's completion.