Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Never before seen photos...

A few evenings ago I found Terry's old cell phone in a drawer in our office.  Surprisingly it actually powered on for a few minutes....Long enough for me to look through some old photos and find some pictures I had never seen before of the girls.  These photos were taken on April 14th, 2009 at about 2:00 in the afternoon.  Which means that the girls were barely twelve hours old in these photos.  I did spend a good two hours bawling my eyes out after finding these photos.

Here are a few pictures that I would like to share.  There are several that are very difficult to look at.  I will spare you those.  Their tiny little bodies looked so fragile and frail.  Some of the photos you can see how translucent their skin was and almost see every tiny artery.   Hard to believe that these precious little miracles are almost four years old!!

I thank God every day for my tiny babies! 

Above seven photos are Addison

Above five photos are Alexis.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Day(s) 2013...

It takes 20 minutes to get everyone ready to go outside.....but it only takes two minutes to undress and make this big mess!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas 2012 Part two....

More photos from Christmas 2012.  These photos were of Christmas at Ga Ga and Pop Pop's house. 

Alexis opening her stocking goodies!!

Love the look on Alexis' face.  She was super excited about this dog!

The girls really love this Toy Story Mr. Potato Head!

UPDATE:  I do have a small story to share about this potato head....
Addison got caught the other evening saying her first swear word.
She was playing in the living room and couldn't get the arm on Mr. Potato correctly.  I heard her struggling and making her usual frustrated sighing noises.  Then all of the sudden...."damn it" popped right out of her mouth.  I asked her where she learned that word from.  Her response...."Daddy".  Both Daddy and Addison got a time out for that one.

One of my favorite pics of the day!  Things were winding down and the kids were off playing with their loot.  I did a quick check on the kiddos to make sure everything was ok.  I found Alexis sitting on the couch with the candy bowl watching tv.

Another one of my favs....Turning my girls into gamblers!  It's a tradition to get lottery tickets in our stockings.  This year the girls helped scratch their own tickets.  Alexis actually won $25.

  And I just had to share a picture of one of the things Terry got me for Christmas.  He had a necklace made that has the girls thumb prints embellished into a sterling silver charm.  Love it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas 2012 Part one...

Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning at our house....

Both girls got stompees.  These are a super huge waste of money if you ask my opinion but they were really excited about them.  They have been wanting them for awhile thanks to the commercial that runs on tv every two minutes.  Addison got alligator slippers and Alexis got unicorns.

An attempt at a group shot.  They did not want to hold still!

Doctor kits....They love these things!  I get check ups several times a day now!  I've also had brain surgery, stitches and a broken arm.

Both munchkins also got super hero capes.  Addison wouldn't let me take a picture of her.  These were a huge hit!

Another attempt at getting a photo of both of them with their stockings!  My little cheese balls!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas Morning 2012 Video....

I'm finally getting around to downloading our Christmas pictures off the camera.  Until I can weed through them all, I will leave you with a video of the girls coming downstairs Christmas morning.  And yes, Addison does trip over the cat....And yes, my two girly girls did get a tool bench for Christmas. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

What will they be???

As a parent I constantly find myself wondering what my kids will be when they grow up.....

Will they climb Mount Everest???

Will they become doctors???

What are my tiny babies destined to be???
Yes, this is a photo of Addison's hospital bracelet that continuously fell off of her ankle.

While I wonder what my girls will do 20 years from now I don't want them to grow up too fast!  It seems impossible to me that I'm currently planning their fourth birthday party!!! 

So for right now we focus on the basics.....

Addison so intently traces her "A's".  She takes her time with each and every letter. 
(Yep, I think she is going to be a lefty.)

Alexis rushes through just to get finished....as if she couldn't be more bored by writing her letters.

So yes Aunt Paula,....Alexis' penmanship will be awful.  I'm told this is a requirement for a doctor right???

And yes, the Christmas table cloth is still on the table until I can find a suitable replacement.


Just for my own documentation.....I weighed the girls last night on our scale.  Addison weighs 28.6 pounds and Alexis weighs 30.4 pounds.  It's amazing how much difference two tiny pounds makes.  But Alexis does feel like she weighs a ton more than Addison.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Catching Up!

I really want to try to do better in 2013 with documenting and updating my blog.  It seems like as technology becomes more advance I'm having a harder time with this.  I know that doesn't make sense....but it is so convenient for me to use my Ipad for everything.  Whereas to update my blog and download photos I need to sign on to the actual computer.  Blah Blah Blah....

Just because I do want to document this, here are a few of the remaining photos from our Elf (Joe) from Christmas.  Maybe in the near future I may be able to post our actual Christmas photos.  Here's hoping....

Joe hanging from a sign in our laundry room.
The girls thought this was hysterical.  It was the first time Joe had food.  After the hilarity had worn off, Addison was a little irritated that Joe had eaten her chocolate pudding.  Mommy didn't think this one through 100%.  By Joe eating a pudding cup, this meant we had an odd number of puddings left in the fridge.  It's the little things that cause drama at our house.
This came about purely by accident.  I dropped my bowl of popcorn.
By the last week, I was really reaching for ideas.  Terry came up with this one.

Our family had a great time with Joe this year.  I will admit that by Christmas I was a little relieved not to have to remember to move Joe every evening.  There were numerous days that I would wake up in the middle of the night cursing because I forgot to move him. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Photos.....

This post is slightly overdue.  But I did want to wait until our Christmas cards were sent out before writing it.  The week of Thanksgiving we had new family photos taken.  Through a co-worker, I found a great new photographer.   She was fun, energetic and most importantly....affordable.  If anyone in the Indy area is looking for a photographer let me know!!  Here are a few of my favs....