Wednesday, April 29, 2015


On Friday, April 10th, 2015 my big girls had their 6 year old physicals.  I'm still amazed at how everyone in that place remembers our names.  I guess when you go to the pediatrician once a week for the first nine months of your life,  you leave a lasting impression???  As usual, our pedi was beyond impressed with my kiddos.  Their height and weight is slightly below average, but given their tiny starts we are happy with their overall growth.
Alexis, my little peanut-- weighed in at 40.4 pounds and is 43 1/2" tall.

Addison, my sunshine--weighed in at 35.6 pounds and is also 43 1/2" tall.

In the princess exam room....

This is the first time they made them change into actual gowns.  Addison was less than impressed and didn't want to pose for a photo.

Once again, we thank God for our healthy kiddos!  It so easily could have gone the other way!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Addison tooth #2...

A little behind on posting here....But on April 9th, 2015....Addison lost tooth #2.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Birthday Post #4....

A little back story here..... Our spring break this year kind of revolved around the girls birthday.  Spring break was the week before their birthday.  We had decided to make a trip to St. Louis to do some tourist"y" stuff, visit the American Girl store and spend Easter with my family. 

We opted not to do a big birthday party this year, just American Girl and a bunch of little treats.  We got back to Indy on Wednesday and still had a few days of break left. I wanted to do some fun stuff with the girls to celebrate their upcoming birthday, so the girls and I hit the spa for pedicures.  I may have created some monsters!  They have asked a million times since.... "when can we go back?"

Friday, April 24, 2015

Great Grandma....

On Easter Sunday this year we got to spend the day with my Dad's side of the family.  I got to say that I'm in love with this picture of my girlies with my Grandma.  My only regret is not getting a picture with myself and my dad so we could of had a four generation photo.

Monday, April 20, 2015


On Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 we took the girls to American Girl for a Birthday party.  The girls got AG dolls for Christmas and have been obsessed ever since.  We all had a blast!  I will let the photos do the explaining!!

Photo op in-store

Waiting for our lunch reservation....

The girls loved the fact that their dolls got to dine with us.

Love this picture of Alexis giving her doll a drink!

Lunch was followed by singing of the entire restaurant and cake and ice cream.

They each got a present from our waitress.

Their dolls also got a present.  (The balloons they are holding)

Ice cream in a flower pot.

The girls thought it was hilarious that in the restrooms they had a holder on the wall for the doll.  Alexis made me take a photo.

We also had a personal shopper help us with our shopping experience after lunch.  This lady was awesome.  She sold directly to the girls and looked to mom occasionally for approval.  Our personal shopper knew each girl had a budget of what they were allowed to spend.  She came in at $0.99 over budget.  I was impressed. 

The girls also chose to make their own iron on shirts for themselves and their dolls.

 Just because.....

The girls with their haul. 
We definitely had a great time despite the hellacious weather getting to the store.  I can't say that we will be going back anytime soon but it was definitely a memory none of us will forget anytime soon!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Birthday Post #2.....

After school on the girls birthday Terry and I decided to surprise them with a trip to Chuck E Cheese.  We don't go there much as I despise the place and feel as if it is a huge pool of germs.  The girls were beyond thrilled.  We didn't tell them where we were going and gave them very vague clues on the drive.  Alexis was cracking me up with her guesses.  The last clue was, "it starts with a 'C'".   Alexis guessed Canada and immediately started laughing at herself.

It actually worked out quite perfectly.  I guess Monday afternoons around 4:30 is the prime time to visit, because the place was almost empty. 

Both girls spent over an hour playing skee-ball.  I'm definitely not saying we didn't play a million other games, but skee-ball is now their favorite!