Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The makings of a band???

Terry's brother has a drum set in his basement.  The girls were in heaven banging on the drums.....

And if they do start a band....

Here is the lead singer...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Smith family!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Party.... warning another picture overload!

We want to thank everyone who made it out to the girls birthday party this year.  Unfortunately the weather was once again not on our side, but we appreciate each and everyone who made the trip.  Also a big thanks to everyone for the amazing gifts.  My little monkeys love all their new climbing toys!!

I didn't have the opportunity to take as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are a few...

I was actually very proud of my Elmo cupcakes.  Plain and simple... but I thought they turned out pretty cute, especially on my Elmo cupcake stand.  Much cheaper to make them myself than to buy them from one of those expensive "cupcake stores".  They must of been good because I made 36 of them and only had 4 left.

Veggie platter #1

The above two pictures where one of the cutest things.  I wish I would of had the video camera to record Alexis.  My Sweet little Alexis doesn't talk much (that's another blog posting about her speech therapy), but she loves her Elmo.  We decorated the house while the girls were napping.  When Alexis came downstairs from her nap, she was in Elmo heaven.  When she saw the table cloth in the above pictures, she walked up to each and every one of the different Elmos and pointed to it and said "Elmo".  She walked all the way around our island, pointing and saying Elmo, Elmo, Elmo, Elmo.

Alexis was also very intrigued by the life size Elmo balloons.  I think both girls were a little scared of them at first.  Now they love to hug the big Elmo's and tackle them. 

Above two pictures:
Terry made his famous ribs for the party.  They were delicious and Addison obviously concurs!  I personally would of never thought to give Addison ribs to eat.  But she climbed right up on Linda's (Terry's Mom) lap grabbed some off of her plate and went to town.  I think she liked the honey BBQ sauce.

Above four pictures:
Alexis eating her cupcake.  She didn't dive in as much as I expected her to.  She seemed fairly concerned about getting her hands dirty.

Above five pictures:
Addison on the other hand was not as concerned about getting her hands dirty.

I really do not love this picture but it's the only one that we had taken of the four of us.

Above three pictures:
I didn't get any great pictures of the girls opening their gifts.  It was a little congested in our house and the other kiddos kept jumping into the pictures. 

Another side note...seriously, Alexis' hair doesn't always look so ratty.  The girl plays hard all of the time and sweats a lot.  She also has become very interested in doing summersaults and rolling around on the floor, thus making it impossible to keep her hair somewhat orderly.

Above four pictures:
The girls received this neat climb and slide from the Kurtz family.  They love it.  It is still sitting in the middle of our living room waiting for warmer weather.  (sigh!)

Above two pictures:
Addison getting ready for bed after the party.  She wanted to give Elmo hugs and take him to bed with her.

Once again a big thanks to all that came to the girls party.  We love you all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Presents....WARNING, picture overload!!

I'm trying to play catch up on my blogging.  I know a lot of you are waiting on the actual party pics, but I need to start where I left off before I get even more behind.  I hope to have the actual party posting up by the end of the week.

The weekend prior to the girl's birthday party was one of the most gorgeous weekends this year.  We played outside from almost sun up to sun down both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday morning we played outside with bubbles and the girls played on their picnic table that Aunt Gretchen, Uncle Adam and their cousin's Greta and Amelia got for them for their first birthday.  This was the first time they have used this table.  Last summer they were too small to actually play with it.

 They really are sharing.  It was quite cute.

Alexis was infatuated with the sticker on the table.  She eventually pulled it all off.

The longer we were outside, the curlier Addison's hair got.  Love what the humidity does to her curls!

On Sunday the girls Ga Ga (grandma, aka Terry's Mom) brought over part of their birthday present so that Terry could put it together.  Terry built their play house while they were napping.  The girls absolutely love it!  Thanks guys!

Alexis' first time in the house.

Addison's first time in the house.

Addison's new "cheese face".

Pretending to "cook" on the stove.

I think I've mentioned a time or two that she might be part monkey??

Alexis coaching Addison how to climb into the house rather than using the door.  She told her to "be careful sissy".  It was adorable.

While we were playing outside on Sunday we had a few visitors.  The girls had a great time throwing bread at the ducks.  They still look out our back door rather frequently to see if the "quack quacks" have come back.

Once the quack quacks departed, Addison started to complain that she was hot and wanted to go inside to play.  Terry decided to let them color.  The coloring books and crayons were a small part of our birthday gifts to them.  Terry learned very quickly that crayons are only acceptable while either outside or strapped into a highchair.  Within minutes our ceramic tile entry way was colored with red markings as well as a few purple marks made their way onto the walls in our entryway.  Magic eraser is a wonderful thing, but I'm hoping Terry learned that crayons need to be supervised a little bit better!  :-)

Can you tell it's getting close to bed time and little crabby pants was worn out from playing all day?