Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kindergarten field trip....

I was fortunate enough to be able to chaperone the girls first official school field trip last week. (Wednesday, January 21st, 2015)  They attended a play at Butler University.  The girl's teachers were very accomodating by allowing Alexis to move from her class group into Addison's class group.  I was in charge of three other kiddos as well as my own two.  While we had a great time, it just definitely confirmed that I'm not cut out to be a teacher of any kind!!! 

Not the best photo, but the theatre was fairly dark.
That same week, I was the mystery story time reader in Addison's class room (Friday, January 23rd).  To say that Addison was surprised was an understatement!  I stayed and had lunch with the girls afterwards.  Alexis actual did a double and triple take when she saw me walk into the cafeteria.  It was so adorable, she let out a little squeal of excitement.  Again, the teachers were very accomodating in allowing the girls to move from their assigned tables so we could all eat together!

Friday, January 30, 2015

No cab it tease....

My big girls just got another clean bill of health from the dentist.  As Alexis would say, "I have no cab it tease".  AKA cavities!  Dentist did tell us once again to start saving our money for Alexis' braces.  :-(       But all and all a good check up! 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Don't let Alexis do your hair.....

Documented photo proof as to why you shouldn't let Alexis attempt to style your hair......

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hearing Check.....

Long story short, we've been wondering about Alexis' ability to hear for a little while now.  She has some minor speech issues that we thought could be related to hearing.  She's been struggling with her spelling tests at school.  Like having trouble differentiating between "hop" and "hot" or "map" and "mat".   I've been on the fence about scheduling a special appointment for her, but finally just broke down and did it.  She's always passed her routine hearing checks just fine. 

My little peanut and I loaded up and headed out to the doctor.  It was nice to just spend some one on one time with her.  She has so much to say all the time!  Turns out her hearing is perfect and we are just monitoring an ear wax issue for now.  Because it was the week before Christmas (12-22-14) the office was totally empty and Alexis got so much attention from all the doctors and nurses.  She was definitely a rock star and was charming the pants off of everyone!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Throwing balls at pins 2014.....

Still playing catch up here on this 'ol blog.  Hope by the end of the week to be back on track, but not promising anything....

Keeping with our annual tradition, we took the girls bowling on Christmas Eve.  I can not even express how much fun we have doing this.  Regardless of our bowling expertise (or lack there of) we still have an amazing time.  We were having so much fun that I neglected to take a lot of photos, but here are the few that I did take:

Not sure I could love these two more!

Game One:  Alexis 85, Addison 79, Terry 103, Janet 107

Game Two:  Alexis 82, Addison 70, Terry 76, Janet 100
Addison is so super teeny tiny that she had trouble getting much power behind the ball.  We kept telling her that if she could throw it or push it harder that she could knock down more pins.  She decided that if she took a running start that would help her.  And also for some reason, she said having her hood on helped her throw the ball better.  Whatever works right???

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kids say the darndest things....

I'm way behind on my blogging and need to catch up, but between school delays due to snow and cold temperatures, work, and life in general I just don't have the time right now.  I will soon!  I promise!   I just want to document a few things at the moment:

  • This morning the girls school was cancelled due to sub zero temperatures.  Last night they had called a two hour delay, but this morning they closed all together.  I explained to Addison that they no longer had a delay (which they have had everyday this week due to snow) and that now they get to stay home all day because it's too cold to go to school.  Addison then proceeded to ask me at least 5 times "why is it too cold for me to go to school, but not too cold for you to go to work?".  I had no reasonable answer!

  • Alexis asked me the other evening why we do not have a butler.  I was unable to give her an acceptable answer.

  • Alexis lost tooth #2 one day last week.  Addison still has yet to loose any.  A few evenings ago, Alexis asked me how many days until they go to the dentist.  Both my kids LOVE the dentist.  I told her that her appointment was on January 15th.  She then asked me if it was going to cost the same amount for her to go the dentist as it will for Addison.  I didn't understand her question at first.  She explained to me that it shouldn't cost as much for her because she has less teeth for the dentist to clean.  Sounds reasonable to me!!  Doubt the dentist with think the same way!!