Tuesday, July 15, 2014


On Saturday, July 5th, I was able to take my girlies to their first Cardinals game.  Anyone who knows me and Terry well, know that our relationship was founded on our love of baseball.  Our first date ended with us watching a baseball game at the bar instead of going to the movie like we had planned.  Although, the fact that he is a Cubs fan should of been my first deterrent......but I digress!!  :-)

My mom was able to score us some pretty awesome seats for the game.....low enough to be able to see the action, but high enough we were out of the sun and didn't melt! 

I will let the photos do the explaining.....Warning, there are a bunch!!!

Before the game photo of some signs my mom, my sister and me made.

STL is turning 250.  There are 250 birthday cakes displayed around the city.  This is the one in front of the stadium.

Family photo by the cake!

Silly face...

Who doesn't love a foam finger??

Selfie's with Aunt Sandy!

Doing the wave!!

More Selfies....

Not sure what the song was....But they played a song that referred to "show me your muscles". 

Love this!!

A small back story....Alexis had been counting down the days until the game.  She was hoping to see "Fred the bird" as she calls him.  She was beyond excited!  My sister Sandy pulled some strings and called in some favors and got Fred Bird to come visit my girls in our seats. 

Fred Bird even signed our sign.

I seriously can not even explain the smiles on their faces.  We didn't know when Fred Bird was coming or even if he would.  There wasn't a ton of time to get ready to snap photos.  The memories made that day were priceless!  Both my kids are still talking about it. 
It also happened to be "kids run the bases day" as well.  So, after the game we were able to go under the stadium to access the field and the girls got to run the bases. 


Seriously one of the most memorable days that we have had in a long time!
What little kid gets to have a personal visit from Fred Bird and go onto the field during their first game?  Pretty impressive if you ask me!!!
Thanks again to everyone who had a hand in making this day so fun for all of us!!
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Back to Reality....

Please excuse my blogging absence once again.  We are still dealing with the chaos of rebuilding our house and a trip to St. Louis right smack in the middle of the craziness.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, the girls and I made a trip out to my parents house in Missouri.  I have a ton of pictures that I want to share but again, due to the lack of being able to use our computer at the moment I will just have to share pics from everyone's phone.

We took the girls to their first Cardinals game on Saturday.  It was beyond fun, and we had an absolute blast.  Memories that can not even be described!!!  Those photos will be in part two of this post....Hopefully early next week.   For now, I will leave you with a few photos from just hanging around my parents house over the weekend!

A trip to Granpa's would not be complete without tractor rides!!

Stilt practice!!

I'm pretty sure everyone got their body traced over the weekend.  Grandma & Grandpa's driveway looked like a bad crime scene when we left!  :-)

Grandpa had a fire going.....so why not make smores??

Love this pic of my kiddos and their doggie cousin, Acer!

Alexis couldn't get enough of this pup!

And another tradition.....A trip to cheeburger, cheeburger with my sister, bro in law and cousin Luke!!!
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Once you click on the link scroll down to blog #40 (that's us) and click on the heart in the upper right hand corner to vote. Easy peasy!!!