Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just a quick update on today's doctors appointment....

We started the morning with a fun and exciting glucose test. BLAH!!! For those of you who are not familiar with this process.... they give you a bottle full of glucose to drink(probably about the amount of a can of soda). This glucose substance is similar to drinking a substance about the same consistency of syrup but instead of tasting like syrup it tastes like really thick, goopy orange soda. (yes, goopy is very technical adjective!!) You have 5 minutes to drink this garbage. If you vomit or don't complete the process within 5 minutes you have to start over on a different day. I was able to drink my "orange goop" in just under 4 minutes. It was so gross that I was determined not to have to do it over. Yes, a little gagging did occur, but I managed to keep it down. You then have to wait one full hour and then have your blood drawn. This whole process is checking for gestational diabetes. I'm freaking out about having this, but that's a blog for another time!!! I should have results in 24 hours. If I actually have it, I will explain my issues, but I'm praying that I don't!

Then Terry and I went to breakfast before our eleven o'clock appointment with the OB. I forgot to mention that the gestational diabetes test required me not to eat anything after midnight. I seriously was so hungry!! These babies like their food...not to mention so do I!!! Anyway, this may come as a shock, but my doctor was again running late. Around 11:40 we see the doctor...let me not forget that my weigh in this week added another 4 pounds. I'm now up about 32 pounds....YIKES!! Dr. Cleary didn't do an ultrasound this time, which was so weird. Every appointment that we have had to date included an ultrasound. He listened to the babies heartbeats with some strange little device. Both babies were fired up. I'm sure that it had something to do with all the sugar I drank this morning doing the glucose test. Their heart rates were in the 170's. Here comes the kicker....the doctor said that the reason why he didn't want to do an ultrasound was because he was no longer concerned about keeping the babies in. He said that if my cervix shortens or begins to soften again (which is why I had the cerclage done 5 weeks ago) that we would just let the process of delivering the babies begin. THIS WAS MY HOLY CRAP MOMENT!!! It just doesn't seem right that we've made it to the point that they are no longer concerned about keeping the girls in utero. Obviously the longer they hang out, the less time they will have to spend in the hospital, but it still was kind of a shock to me. They will do one final ultrasound to measure the girls size and weight next week but we are no longer doing ultrasounds to measure the length of my cervix.

So, I'm sure I will have new ultrasound pictures to post next week....as well as picture of the nursery. I've been holding off on posting them, because we haven't received the bedding or the curtains yet. When I do post the pictures, I want you to be able to see the 100% full finished project. It looks great now, but both Terry and I are excited to see the fully finished project.

New dates to remember....
Tuesday, April 7th @ 3:00PM EST.....Ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine
Tuesday, April 14th @ 1:00 PM EST.....next OB appointment

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Shower #2--INDY SHOWER

Today was my local shower here in Indianapolis. It was so great to actually get out of the house!!! It did take every ounce of energy that I had to get ready, but it was totally worth it to escape the walls of my bedroom. Of course, since we live in the mid-west, it was snowing and blah outside. But I really didn't care I was just ecstatic to be free....well free for a couple hours anyway.

Above are a few pictures of the shower. We had a great turn out although we were expecting about eight more people. I received several text messages and voicemails early in the morning from friends who were sick and couldn't make it. I do know a bad case of the flu has been traveling around....probably due to the fact that one day it's 70 degrees outside and then the next day its snowing. I did find out later that four of them had won tickets to the NCAA basketball game downtown and didn't have the heart to tell me. Oh well. Not sure that I would have bailed on my friends baby shower but winning front row seats would have been hard for me to turn down too.

Just wanted to send a quick thanks to my hostesses....Sherri, Sue, Donna & Robin who did a great job of putting everything together. I'm so glad that I actually was able to attend one of my showers. My shower in Chicago is next weekend (April 4th) and I'm still really bummed out that I'm going to miss that one as well. This bed rest stuff is getting old!!!!

Thanks again Ladies!! I love you all!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three years ago today.....

  • OH what I wouldn't give to be back on that beach again right now!!! So many things have changed in the last three years!!! Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing! We've had our share of rough times and obstacles to overcome, but I couldn't think of any person I would rather go through life with! This year, thanks to bed rest and doctor restrictions, we will be celebrating our anniversary over Chinese food and an episode of American Idol. Fun Fun!!!

    So, I'm sure that you have figured out by now that my doctor did not lift my bed rest restrictions. We had an appointment this morning with the doctor at 11:00. I need to get used to the fact that my OB is never on time! I guess when you deliver babies all day it makes it difficult to maintain a schedule. But I hate waiting!!! Around 12:30ish we finally saw the doctor. He did an ultrasound of the girls and they both are looking great! My cervix is maintaining and it appears that the cerclage is doing it's job. This is good and bad news. The good news is that the babies are doing GREAT!!! The bad news is that I will be on bed rest until Addison and Alexis are born. While I know that this is definitely in the best interest of the girls, I'm not happy about spending another 2 1/2 months in bed. BLAH!!!

    Dr. Cleary did give me permission to attend our baby classes and my Indy baby shower, but he won't allow me to travel to Chicago for my baby shower there. I'm SOOO sad!!! Terry's going to attend the shower in my place. He's excited but I'm REALLY bummed!! I just have to keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason! It's very difficult to accept the fact that I'm gonna have to stay in this bed for another 10-12 weeks but the reward is going to be totally worth it!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The boredom of bed rest....

So, not much new to report since my last post, but I thought that I would do a quick update. Things are going well, I think. I'm feeling good, most days with the exception of being totally bored out of my mind!!! It sounds nice at first..... laying in bed all day, watching tv, being brought your meals....until you can't do the littlest things without help from others. It becomes very boring and very aggravating extremely quick!!! Seriously, how many judge shows are needed on tv? And does every talk show do DNA testing everyday? BLAH!! Trust me it gets old very quickly!

I think the worst thing so far is trying to keep a positive attitude. Last weekend it was 75 degrees outside. Terry opened up the windows. I could hear the neighbors kids out playing, riding bikes, jumping rope and just the general squeals that kids make while playing. It's so hard knowing that I can't be outside. And to make matters worse....last weekend was supposed to be my first baby shower back home. So, on top of not being able to enjoy a nice day outside with the rest of the world, I was missing my first baby shower. Not being able to celebrate our little Angel Babies with our family and friends pushed me over the top. I think Saturday was when I really broke down and had my own little pity party.

Everyone I talk to asks me how I'm doing. My typical response is, "I'm doing good, just really bored". Several people have responded with saying, I would love to be able to spend two weeks doing nothing. Ok, so let me put this into perspective for you..... For two weeks, you must lie flat on your back. The only time you are allowed to get up is to use the bathroom and to take a shower. Your shower time is limited to 30 minutes. This includes every minute from the time you get out of bed until the time you lay back down. So, showering, blow drying your hair, everything must be completed within 30 minutes. You are only allowed to be standing or upright for 30 minutes once a day. You can't get up to get a glass of water because you aren't allowed to walk down the stairs. If you want something you have to scream at the top of your lungs to get someones attention and then you have to wait until they bring it to you. Being the totally independent person that I am, this totally sucks!!! There really is no other way to describe it!!! While I have to give Terry major kudos for taking care of everything, it is awful not being able to do anything on my own. I guess bed rest at home is much better than bed rest in the hospital!!!

While I totally love my husband, it would be nice to interact with other people besides him. I know he is getting just as bored with me as I am of him. I can tell that I'm starting to get on his nerves, but I'm trying to be the best patient as possible, but when I'm not allowed to do anything on my own, it makes it very hard!! I've had a few visitors here and there which is always a welcome surprise for both of us. Terry and I both really enjoy this. It gives him a chance to duck out for an hour or so without having to stress about whether or not I'm going to be ok, plus it gives me an opportunity to talk to someone different for a change. We have some great friends who have brought over meals, sent flowers, cards etc. For them we are extremely grateful. I'm not sure what we would do without our family and friends.

Ok, I'm done gripping for now. At this point we just pray that everything is still going well when we go to the doctor on Wednesday, the 18th. (which is also our 3rd wedding anniversary, what I wouldn't give to be back on that beach right now!!!) We try to be optimistic that he will lift some of the restrictions and that both our Angel girls are still growing strong!!

On a separate note, I have to give my family back home major props, for having my baby shower without me. (pictures to come later) While this was super sad for me, my 'lil sis Sandy did a great job of putting together a video of the shower. I was able to see our family and friends in attendance and all the adorable gifts that we received. My mom mailed me all the cards and the dvd of the shower. Her sending that was one of the few things that has been able to pull me out of my funk lately. So, I've been working on my thank you notes for while, it's a slow process since I can't lay on my left side for very long due to some issues with my ribs but it definitely gives me something to do.

I'm sure I will have my next post on Wednesday after our doctors appointment. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED THAT EVERYTHING GOES WELL!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cont. From yesterday...

Sorry about that, yesterday was a rough day for me. All the drugs had finally worn off and I felt like I had been run over by a bus.

Ok, so where did I leave off? After Dr. Summner came in he told me that my cervix was barely measuring at a 1. For multiples they want it to measure at 2.5 or higher. He called my regular OB immediately to find out what they wanted to do about it. Again, with more waiting!! By this time it's close to 4:30 and I'm getting really irritated because no one is fully explaining to me what is going on. Plus, anyone who knows me, knows that I hate waiting. So, Dr. Summner comes back in the room and says that Dr. Cleary (my regular OB) wants to see me IMMEDIATELY! Luckily, their offices are pretty much next door to each other. We walk next door and again.....You guessed it.... WE WAIT!! By this time I'm pretty much freaked out and really ticked off that no one will tell me what the &%#@! is going on.

At about 4:45 I get called back to a room. And more waiting!!! Finally around 5:20 Dr. Cleary shows up. He explains to me what is going on and basically told me that they need to sew up my cervix to hold the babies in. He explained to us that if they don't do this, I will no doubt deliver the babies way too early. He said that based on the ultrasounds done today, that both girls look great and he wants to keep them that way. He explains the urgency and says that his first choice would be to go home and spend time with his own family, but he feels strongly that this needs to be done asap.

So, around 5:30 Terry and I find ourselves walking next door to the hospital and filling out registration forms. By 6:15 I'm being wheeled into a delivery room, given a spinal tap (totally not enjoyable by the way) and having surgery.

Let me just tell you, a spinal tap is the strangest feeling in the world! The anesthesiologist said it would feel like a bee sting in my back. Well, I don't know what kind of bees he has ever been bitten by, but it felt like a hell of a lot more than a bee sting. It took about 60 seconds and boom... I had no feeling from the waste down. When they put the needle in my back for the spinal tap I was sitting on the table with my feet hanging over the side. After I went numb, they asked me to help them lay me down flat on my back. REALLY? They wanted me to help assist them with putting my legs flat on the table. I'm thinking seriously people?? Looking back now, I'm pretty sure that they were just checking to make sure I was totally numb.

So, I'm wide awake with my legs straight up in the air, having a conversation with an anesthesiologist who smells like Old Spice cologne. Other than smelling like an old man he was pretty cool. We were talking about St. Louis, the Cardinals and the Arch, he also used to live in the St. Louis area. And before I knew it, I was in recovery. I remember looking at the clock and at 6:50 Dr. Cleary told me he was going to go talk to Terry and bring him back.

Meanwhile, a cardiologist shows up around 7:00 to perform an EKG on me. I'm trying to figure out why this is happening and this guy (who is wearing scrubs that are about 3 sizes too big)explains to me that the anestesiologist saw something abnormal during the surgery and that they want to check out. Again with more freaking out! And I'm still trying to figure out where Terry is.

So, I'm hooked up to an EKG and a nurse comes in with an ultrasound machine to check out the babies and make sure that they are doing ok. I'm still trying to figure out where Terry is because I wanted him to have the same re-assurance that I'm getting that the babies are still doing great! NO TERRY???

The EKG guy and the ultrasound lady both leave. The EKG guy said everything was fine but they would continue to monitor me. Looking back now, I'm fairly sure that my abnormal heart rhythms were due to the fact that I was already shaken up from the stress of the day and the fact that it was 30 degrees below zero in the operating room. I couldn't stop shaking because I was so cold. The ultrasound lady said the girls did great. One of the babies was just hanging out with her hand on her head and the other looked like she was training for a boxing match.

By this time it's about 7:30, I'm still trying to figure out where Terry is. Finally, I grab a nurse and ask her where my husband is. The nurse thought the doctor was going to bring him back and the doctor thought the nurse was going to come get him after my EKG. Well, neither one ever did and Terry was sitting in the waiting room just as freaked out as I was.

So, Long story I know. We get to my room for the evening around 8:15. We started to watch American Idol and I pretty much passed out. Thank goodness for tivo. I was released the next morning around 11:00ish only to be put on strict bed rest. This makes me very sad since I won't be able to travel home to Missouri this weekend for my first baby shower. But I know that it is in the best interest of my girls. I'm also struggling to figure out how we are going to afford this, but I have to continue to remind myself that God will provide.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So, Tuesday started just like any other normal doctors appointment day. Terry and I were scheduled to meet for another high risk ultrasound at 2:30. We met at the office and after 30 minutes of waiting we were called back (around 3:00ish). The ultrasound technician started the process of scanning each baby and checking things out. She again confirmed (this time 100%) that both babies are still girls. (see pictures)

Shortly after making sure that the babies are looking great the doctor rolled in. By the way, the CPC on baby B is completly gone!!! AMEN FOR THAT!!!! Dr. Summner just wanted to do some quick measurements on my cervix to make sure that everything is still looking good.

Long story short, I ended up in emergency surgery having a cerclage put in. Full details to follow. Sorry I'm on full bed rest now and it's taking a lot out of me to finish this. I will complete this blog....hopefully tomorrow.