Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Animal Lovers....

My friend Sherri has a parakeet named Juniper.  The other day, the girls and I had to stop by her house to return some things we borrowed.  Everytime we visit Sherri the girls need to see her bird and give it a treat.  This particular evening Juniper was really interacting with the girls.  He has never done that before.  Juniper crawled down his cage to be at eye level with the girls.  Whenever the girls would move to one side of the cage he would hop over to be right there by them.  It was fairly entertaining and comical to watch the girls respond to Juniper's actions.  They have had fairly limited interactions with birds and are always so curious....


Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Ok, I think this is my final Easter update.  Lots of photos to post.  Keeping with our usual Easter routine....we went to brunch with Terry's family at the Marriott.  As always, the food was incredible and my girls were perfect little angels.  I love that my kids can act civilized in grown-up situations.  Makes me proud when they point out other children who are misbehaving and acknowledge that they shouldn't and don't act like that. 

Almost immediately the girls spotted the Easter Bunny!

Not the best pic, but I wanted a photo of me with my girlies!

Cousin shot!
After brunch we went back to Linda & Greg's house for yet another egg hunt.  Because it was a warmer day, they didn't want to put the eggs out prior to brunch.  They left about 15 minutes before everyone else to hide eggs.  We distracted the kids out on the patio of the hotel.  I tried to get a few photos of the girls.
My poor Alexis has the same eye irritations that I do.  Rarely will you ever see me without sunglasses on in the daytime.  Both of us have eyes that are extremely sensitive to light.  I felt bad that I didn't bring her sunglasses.  You can tell in these photos....

Obviously a little windy.

Her dress was way more adorable than these photos display!

With cousin Lila!

Showing her balloon.  Love her!  She could of had any balloon animal made.  She chose to have a flower made for her Mommy!

Little peanute!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Egg Hunt #2....

On Saturday, April 19, 2014 we did our usual routine of attending story time at the library.  While we were over in that general area I noticed a huge amount of increased traffic.  I totally spaced our towns local Easter egg hunt.  Ironically, I still had the girl's baskets in the car from the previous egg hunt, so we decided to quickly head on over. 

After a 20 minute wait, we found the bunny....

Love this....Addison kept saying she was going to hug the bunny!  Love seeing this little shy gal start to come out of her shell!!


And their off....
Both girls did great.  I think they ended up with about 15 eggs a piece. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Eggs...

One of my favorite holiday traditions with my kiddos is dyeing Easter eggs.  I'm pretty sure that they love doing it as much as I do.  I'm loving that they are so into everything now.  This year was so fun....no messes, no tears, and everyone had a great time!

Our hodge podge of scribbled eggs.  :-)

Alexis was so proud of her green STL egg.  She had me do the "S" but she did the rest!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kindergarten Registration...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING ALREADY!!!  I seriously have no idea how we are already to the point of registering the girls for kindergarten. 

Last week on Thursday, April 17th, we attended kindergarten round up at the girls new school.  The girls got to tour the school, meet the teachers and take a ride on a school bus.  They could not have been more excited!!  Here are a few photos:



Monday, April 21, 2014

Birthday Post Part 3 of 3....

The girls actual birthday this year was on Sunday.  They were super excited that one of the egg hunts we attend every year happened to be on their birthday.  Alexis kept saying she was so lucky to have an egg hunt on her birthday.  So cute!!  Here are a few photos:

Hate that the sun was in their eyes.  Not that you can tell from this photo.

Photo with Ga Ga (Terry's Mom)

Photo with Pop Pop (Terry's step-dad)

Getting ready to go! 
The girls were too quick this year for me to get any great photos on my phone and Terry took off with the "real" camera forgetting to take pictures. 
After the egg hunt we had a couple of errands to run.  We dropped Dad off at home and did our errands.  While we were out, I asked the girls if they wanted to stop and get some ice cream.  Addison said "For real Mom, we can get ice cream right before dinner?"  I told them that it was their birthday and they could do whatever they wanted. 
My goof-balls love their ice cream!!

Terry and I got the girls new tablets for their birthday.  They love them and Mom loves the quiet time.  It seriously amazes me how much they are able to do on a computer already.  Don't worry, these things are password protected out the whaazooo!!!  And they also only get to play with them for 30 minutes a day.

Kindergarten Registration post is up next......YES, I did say kindergarten!!  YIKES!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Party Post #2 of 3....

Here are the photos of the girls birthday party at Bounce U on Saturday, April 12th, 2014.  WARNING:  This is severe picture overload!!  I couldn't decide so I'm just adding them all!!
An attempt to get a couple of pictures before we left home.  The weather was so warm that day, that I went on a frantic search to try and find them some shorts.  They weren't part of my original outfit for them, but they would of sweat to death if they wore pants. 

Not the best photo, but I wanted a pic of them in front of the sign.

About half out kiddos....We had several show up late.  Left to right:  Cousin Georgia, Audrey (from school), Alexis, Cousin Oliver, Cousin Lila, Addison, Victoria (from school), Josie (from school), Isabella (a good friend of mines daughter)

Boxing with Grandma...

Alexis was really into this....Hysterical to watch!!

Addison with Cousin Greta
Cousin photo, left to right:  Addison, Alexis, Greta, Georgia, Amelia, Lila, Oliver

Second Attempt

Aunt Sanny (yes, I know I spelled that wrong...that's what they call her!) and the Peanut.

Aunt Sanny and my little sunshine!!

Wish this one was clearer....but love the smile on her face!!

Sliding fun!

Love this!!
We went with the frozen theme this year, of course.  I'm kinda bummed that I didn't take more photos of the cupcakes I did for the guest.  Actually, I should say my sister Paula did!  I just baked the cupcakes, she did all the decorating!!  Due to the popularity of the frozen items, I was unable to find many decorations.  Terry and I spent a ton of time hand making the cupcake toppers....here they are pre-cupcakes....

We also had to create our own take home gifts.  I searched everywhere for Frozen gift bags.  I finally decided on these buckets, and we put stickers on all four sides.

Typical...Addison licks all the frozen off and Alexis shoves every crumb into her mouth.

We also had a Frozen pinata....here are the kiddos diving in.

 Opening gifts...

We had three sets of multiples at their party....An attempt to get a photo of all of them.  Didn't work out so well!

Stay tuned for Part Three coming soon!!!