Saturday, April 2, 2011

A little perspective....

I've been on a huge spring cleaning kick lately.  I've been trying to de-clutter our house and get rid of the "baby" stuff that we no longer need.  I've also been putting away clothing that is too small and started washing the girls summer clothes, in hopes that I can bring on some warmer weather.  In the process of trying to organize the chaos that is our basement storage area, I came across a huge bag of baby bottles.  You know those little three ounce plastic bottles that we got in the NICU.  No joke, we probably had 150 of those bottles.  I found a few other random plastic things that I brought up from the basement to put in the recycle bin.  When I came upstairs the girls were very interested in what I had.  This is what Addison chose to play with:

Yes, we were having a "stay in your pajama's kind of day". 

Remember that pink little plastic tub that we got from the hospital?  The ones that the girls took their first baths in?

Hard to believe that once upon a time, both my girls fit in that little pink tub.  At least once a day, I have a "wow" moment.  A moment where I think to myself...."wow, we've come so far and we are so incredibly blessed".   Today, seeing Addison play with that little pink tub,  that was my wow moment.  


Robin said...

Wow!! That is awesome! Did you show Addison the picture of her and her sis in the tub?

Annette said...

*sniff* Oh my goodness, that is too sweet! I'm in the early says (daze? LOL!) of 4 month old twins, so it's hard to believe how they'll grow!

I popped over here from the M&M blog hop.

Emily said...

What a poignant contrast! I love that picture of your girls in the tub together!