Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No more Mullet!

I feel like I'm so behind in my blogging.  Due to this horrible flu bug that has entered our house, I'm finding it difficult to keep up with everything.  We are entering week number two of sickness and I'm completely over it!!  Hopefully these nasty germs will exit our house SOON!!

Any who....The girls got hair cuts a week and a half ago.  Instead of dragging them back to my stylist, we decided that they needed a more "kid friendly" place.  Alexis and her wild mane was way past the point of needing a trim.  I've been cutting her bangs myself  for a few months now, but it was time to figure out how to manage her crazy mullet.  As you can see from the following pictures, her hair was getting seriously out of control!  (You also can tell that she seriously has become our resident climber/monkey of the house.)

Upon arriving, the girls were thrilled with the huge slide and play area that greeted them.  They could of  played on this slide for hours.  Terry commented that we should get one of these for our living room.  My little monkeys have no fear and were climbing all over this thing.

Alexis was less than thrilled about getting her hair cut.  I also wasn't happy about cutting her hair.  It was getting so long.  The lady cut nearly two inches off the back to trim up the craziness.

She sat still but you can tell she isn't happy about it!!

Check out that sour puss look!  I'm sure she was cursing me under her breath!

Over all Alexis did very well.  Sadly, I forgot to take an after picture.  I will post some soon.
We also figured that since we were there, that we would have her straighten up Addison's hair.  Like I said, I've been trimming the girls bangs for a few months.  I'm no stylist, so Addison's hair needed a quick little trim.

Addison on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, loved getting her hair cut.  She loved pretending to drive the car and was completely mesmerized by the lady and her spray bottle of water.  Her only complaint was that she wanted the pink car, which sadly had already been taken by another kid.


Misty Dawn said...

Awww I bet it broke your heart cutting it off, but I bet it looks tons better. Cute pics!

Robin said...

It feels good to get it cut by a pro I'm sure. I was relieved that someone other than me, who knew what they were doing, cut Alli's hair for the first time. I definitely want to see the after pics!

And I'm glad you guys are feeling better.. :)

Emily said...

Great pictures! I'm sorry to hear you all have had a rough few weeks of sickness. That's the worst!!

Jessica said...

So cute, I have yet to take my daughter to a stylist. I keep cutting it myself and I'm sure a stylist would die if she saw how crooked it is. You must post after pics!

Unknown said...

Your girls are beautiful! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Stopping by from Follow Me Friday on Multiples & More.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Awe, pretty girls! You gotta love cookie cutters!

Tammy said...

Your girls are adorable!

Stopping by from the party and am now your newest follower. Happy Friday to you! :)

Amanda said...

Happy to be a new follower from the Multiples blog hop. I also have an Addison grace and twins who have yet to have a haircut, but now Im inspired to maybe get it done already! You can follow me back at http://thelittlelilypad.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

dang. I need to et my son's hair cut, but I'm afraid it'll destroy his curls. Stopping by from UPB. Hey there to you and your cuties.

Carey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your girls are adorable! Feel free to stop by anytime.