Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A welcome visitor...

You may remember reading older blog postings about one of our favorite night nurses, Lisa.  (If not, and you want to, a few of them can be found here and here.)  Lisa was one of our nurses who I can honestly say, helped me maintain my sanity during our three months in the NICU.  She took care of my girls as if they were her own.  We feel forever indebted to her and she will always hold a special place in our hearts.  They're truly are no words to describe how amazing of a woman Lisa is.  Lisa was the one who revived Addison when she was born not breathing.  In my eyes, she saved my little girls life.  She doesn't see it that way. 

Two Sundays ago, before the sickness entered our house (that's a blog posting for another day), Lisa came over to visit.  My girls, who are generally skeptical of everyone and have major stranger anxiety issues, went straight to Lisa like she was their best friend.  I'm fairly certain that there is a bond between the three of them that can never be broken. 

Addison, Lisa & Alexis... three beautiful ladies enjoying story time!


Emily said...

What an amazing lady! I wish I could have known who revived my Susanna and given him/her the biggest hug they've ever gotten. :)

Three cheers for life-saving NICU nurses!!!

Robin said...

That is SO awesome that you have been able to keep in touch with her. I bet that she really enjoys that part of her job.. getting to see success stories and staying in touch:)

Hope the sickness moves on soon. We have the funk in our house also. I think Alli is going to the doctor tomorrow.

Liz said...

She is a fantastic lady :)