Wednesday, April 29, 2015


On Friday, April 10th, 2015 my big girls had their 6 year old physicals.  I'm still amazed at how everyone in that place remembers our names.  I guess when you go to the pediatrician once a week for the first nine months of your life,  you leave a lasting impression???  As usual, our pedi was beyond impressed with my kiddos.  Their height and weight is slightly below average, but given their tiny starts we are happy with their overall growth.
Alexis, my little peanut-- weighed in at 40.4 pounds and is 43 1/2" tall.

Addison, my sunshine--weighed in at 35.6 pounds and is also 43 1/2" tall.

In the princess exam room....

This is the first time they made them change into actual gowns.  Addison was less than impressed and didn't want to pose for a photo.

Once again, we thank God for our healthy kiddos!  It so easily could have gone the other way!!

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