Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas 2012 Part two....

More photos from Christmas 2012.  These photos were of Christmas at Ga Ga and Pop Pop's house. 

Alexis opening her stocking goodies!!

Love the look on Alexis' face.  She was super excited about this dog!

The girls really love this Toy Story Mr. Potato Head!

UPDATE:  I do have a small story to share about this potato head....
Addison got caught the other evening saying her first swear word.
She was playing in the living room and couldn't get the arm on Mr. Potato correctly.  I heard her struggling and making her usual frustrated sighing noises.  Then all of the sudden...."damn it" popped right out of her mouth.  I asked her where she learned that word from.  Her response...."Daddy".  Both Daddy and Addison got a time out for that one.

One of my favorite pics of the day!  Things were winding down and the kids were off playing with their loot.  I did a quick check on the kiddos to make sure everything was ok.  I found Alexis sitting on the couch with the candy bowl watching tv.

Another one of my favs....Turning my girls into gamblers!  It's a tradition to get lottery tickets in our stockings.  This year the girls helped scratch their own tickets.  Alexis actually won $25.

  And I just had to share a picture of one of the things Terry got me for Christmas.  He had a necklace made that has the girls thumb prints embellished into a sterling silver charm.  Love it!

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