Friday, February 18, 2011

"2" "2" MONTHS....Terrible "2"'s

Ah yes, I believe we have entered into the terrible two zone, or as I have recently been told it should be called, the "trying twos".  The girls are really testing their boundaries, swinging from chandeliers (YES, this is not joke!), pushing all our buttons and generally seeing what they can get away with.  Don't get me wrong....I love every second of it, but there are some days where I have to remind myself how lucky we are that they are alive and well enough to be making my hair turn gray.  I do not take one single second for granted!

Here are our latest stats:


Man what a little fire ball this girl is!  Her personality is a bright as ever.  She has the sweetest little voice with every word she says....and she says a lot of words!  Her vocabulary continues to amaze me.  Everyday a new word or two or three is added.  I think my favorite thing she says right now is "LUB YOU" (love you).   Hearing her say "lub you" when I leave for work in the morning makes it incredibly hard to leave, but it also puts a huge smile on my face before walking out the door.  She brightens my day.
  • Has broken her attachment with her "blankeee".  This makes me very happy!  I never intended for her to get attached to a blanket, it just happened.  This thing was gross!  She would chew on the corners and I could never get it clean.  One day just recently, she threw it out of her crib and hasn't really wanted it since. 
  • Wearing 18 month & 24 month clothing.  She is still a skinny little thing but is getting taller everyday.
  • Still wears Size 4 Costco Brand diapers
  • Can count to 11 with help.  We have 11 steps that she counts every time we go upstairs.  She can get to 5 by herself.  Also becoming more fluent with the alphabet.  For the longest time the only part of the alphabet she would sing was "E, F, F". 
  • Loves to sing.  She probably is tone deaf like her Mommy, but it's music to my ears every time she sings.
  • Loves animals.  For Christmas, the girls received a subscription to National Geographic magazine for kids from their adopted Auntie Sherri.  She loves to read/look at this magazine.
  • Makes the following animal noises:  cow, pig, duck, sheep, cat, monkey, dog


Alexis is so determined and has such a strong will about her.  Nothing stops her.  She has no fear and is definitely the ring leader this month.  Just the other night while I was changing Addison's diaper, Alexis managed to use one of the kitchen chairs to climb up onto the table.  She grabbed a hold of the hanging light fixture above the table with both hands.  I looked up to see her just as she was about to put all of her weight onto the fixture and begin dangling from the light.  I continue to joke that it's a good thing she is so adorable and has a sweet side to her.  She still gives the sweetest kisses completely out of the blue.  We will be sitting on the floor playing and Alexis will get up, come over and give you a kiss.  She melts my heart every time. 
  • Loves to sleep with a book and at least one bunny.  Since the girls were born the day after Easter, they have a ton of stuffed bunnies.  Alexis insists on going to sleep with a few bunnies and a random board book.  All of these items usually end up outside of the crib by morning.
  • Wears 18 month & 24 month clothes.  She is starting to look more and more like a little girl everyday instead of my sweet little baby.
  • Wears Costco Size 5 diapers
  • Can count to three.  She is not as vocal as her sister and still has a limited vocabulary.  We continue to be told that with multiples, you generally have one that is more of a mover/climber and one who is more vocal.  This seems to ring true in our house.
  • Loves to dance.  When she shakes her little tush it is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  She also loves to march.  Terry's mom started a game with them where they march around the island in the kitchen.  Recently Alexis will march everywhere.  It's hilarious to see her lift those little knees in a marching type fashion.
  • Loves Dogs!  Her favorite thing to watch is the Beethoven movie.  And No, we will not be getting a dog anytime soon.  We are fortunate to have Trina as a next door neighbor who lets us come visit her dog on a regular basis.  There are days that I wish we had a dog only for the purpose of cleaning up what food the girls toss on the floor during meal time.
  • Can also make the following animal noises:  dog, cat, cow, sheep, monkey

I still can not believe that I have started the planning process of birthday party #2.  My sweet little babies are growing up so fast.  I always love going back and reading my blog posts from the past and looking at old photos.  They have come so far. 


zoe said...

oh my goodness! i can't believe they're almost two already either!!! it really is crazy how fast it goes by (and i understand that sentiment all the more now that we have milo to keep us busy) :P

such gorgeous girls you have! :)

Robin said...

Swinging on a light fixture...I love it!! They sound like so much fun :)