Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ready for Spring!!

This was the view from our front porch this past Saturday.  It seems like it has been snowing and icing here forever.  The picture does not reflect the 5 inches of ice under the snow and the severe case of cabin fever we are experiencing here in the Smith household.
Here's a few things we have been doing to occupy our time indoors.  (We are open to suggestions if you have any ideas of what to do with two very active toddlers!)

We help Daddy install safety locks on the drawers that we have recently discovered that we are tall enough to open. 
We play in the cabinets.  Correction...We play in the one cabinet that Mommy & Daddy haven't locked us out of yet. 
We chill on the couch with Daddy and drink milk. 
We lay in front of the door watching Mommy shovel/chisel out the driveway, wishing we could be outside too.  But she says it's just way too cold!!

We yell out the door hoping Mommy can hear us and will let us go outside and play.  (She doesn't let us)

We run away when we realize that Daddy is trying to take our picture AGAIN!  Doesn't he know I haven't had my hair done yet today???

And our favorite so far....We make blow faces on the window/door wondering why Mommy is laughing at us and she still won't let us go outside and play!

We hope that groundhog was right!  Even though we don't really know what a groundhog is, Mommy says when it gets warm enough we can go to the zoo and see one.  We are waiting!!!  Not very patiently, but we are waiting!!!  40 days until spring!


Robin said...

Wow.... Snow! Your girls are growing like weeds. Why won't mean mommy let them go outside and play? lol

:) Hope you are well!

Emily said...

I loved your captions!

I've run out of toddler entertainment ideas, too. 40 days is just TOO long from now!