Monday, March 5, 2012

A Three Ring Circus....

I'm forever telling Terry that our life is like a three-ringed circus.  This weekend we decided to actually attend one!  After doing some research online to find out what we could and could not take into the arena....I found out that the girls did not actually need a ticket.  We invited Terry's parents to join us and use their tickets.

I think the girls had a great time.  The circus lasted two and a half hours and they started to get bored during the last 45 minutes or so.  But in all honesty, so was I.   My personal opinion...It was about an hour too long!

The girls are still talking about the following things that happened at the circus....

The elephant(s) pooped.....  Not once, but a bunch of times.  A man with a "shobel" (shovel) has to come clean up everytime it poops.

They saw clowns named Yo-Yo, Stinky and Donald.  (Donald is actually Ronald McDonald).  Alexis gave Donald a high five.  Addison talked to Stinky and he told her she was pretty.

They got to sit on a camel and an elephant.  The camel did not poop like the elephant did.  Sitting on the elephant was bumpy when he walked around.

A girl with a shiney dress did flips on a big swing.

HERE ARE A FEW PICTURES OF OUR TIME AT THE CIRCUS.....I'm so bummed that they didn't turn out better.  The lighting in the area was really poor, making my pictures not so great.

Our elephant ride....I'm in the back with the girls in front of me.  You can barely see Addison squished in the middle of us. on the elephant. 
Alexis telling Daddy all about getting to "sit on the elephant".

Pony rides...Alexis in the can kind of see Addison in the upper left hand corner in the green.

Talking to the clowns.  They were scared at first.

The famous "Donald"....AKA Ronald McDonald.


Eating animal crackers and watching the tigers with Daddy.

Watching the girls on the trapeze with Pop Pop.

Waiting for their camel ride!

I love this picture of Addison's face.  She was a little hestitant at first.

They loved the camel ride by the end.

Addison thought she could push/play with the ball that the elephant played with. 

Addison thought it was really neat that she touched the same ball that the elephant played with.

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