Friday, March 21, 2014

Bird houses...

Two weeks ago, we took the girls to another Build and Grow event at Lowes.  Alexis was super excited to build her birdhouse.  Addison was more excited about being able to paint it rather than the actual construction of it. 

I neglected to actually take any photos of the construction process, but here are a few of them painting their birdhouses.  Addison was so intense that she couldn't even look up for a photo. 

Both girls decided that they wanted to paint them pink and purple.  I was a little shocked by this because usually everything Addison does is orange.

Love this little cheeseball.  Every photo lately is her giving a thumbs up.

Everything she does is so detailed.  She is always so focused.

Not sure why, but I only have a photo of one of the finished houses?

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