Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween 2014.....

Thanks to this weather on Halloween, we have all been slightly under the weather.  Thus, the delay in posting these photos......

(yes that's snow!!!)
About twenty minutes into our trick or treating, both girls were asking to go home because it was too cold.  Despite the weather both girls got a TON of candy.  Because of the nasty conditions a lot of our neighbors were just looking to unload their candy because not many kids were out. 
Regardless, my little Anna and Olaf looked super cute!!!

This is the only photo I took while we were actually out.  It was just too cold.  BRRR!!  I'm so not ready for winter!!!

Alexis thought these plastic teeth she got from one of our neighbors were hysterical. Even a week later, she is still randomly walking around with them in her mouth.

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