Sunday, November 9, 2014

Disguise the Turkey.....

We've been really struggling with homework at our house lately.  If anyone has any advice I'm all ears.  With two different sets of homework, two different spelling word lists, two different sight word's been a bit of a struggle to keep everyone doing what they need to be doing every evening!!! 

Last week I was pleasantly surprised that the girls homework was a FUN project.....we still had spelling words and sight words to work on, but we also got to do something fun!!!!

Alexis' project came home Monday evening.  "Please help decorate our classroom bulletin board for Thanksgiving.  Attached is a Thanksgiving turkey.  Please help disguise the turkey so that the farmer's can not find them for Thanksgiving dinner".

Here is the turkey we have to "disguise".

Alexis was pretty fired up about this project.  My original thinking was we would slap some stickers, glue, sparkles, etc on this thing and be done with it.  NOPE!!!  My little peanut was fairly adamant that she wanted to put a "spiderman costume" on her turkey.   How the heck am I going to work that out???   Thanks to the internet...Google saved the day!!!!!  And here is what a turkey wearing a spiderman disguise looks like.......
I'm pretty bummed that I didn't take a picture of Alexis with her spiderman turkey.  But I think he turned out pretty neat!!  Alexis did cut out the feathers herself and did most of the coloring, with the exception of the spider in the middle. 
Wednesday evening Addison came home with the same identical project.  Big shocker that she also wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary.  Once again.....Google to the rescue!!!!   Have you ever seen a turkey in a Mickey Mouse disguise???
Both girls were super proud of their creations!! 
I really have no clue how my parents helped with homework prior to the internet!!!

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