Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holes in the head.....

For a long while now, the girls have been asking to get their ears pierced.....mainly Alexis.  When we found out we were having girls, Terry and I both talked about having their ears pierced as infants.  Then came our NICU stay and we decided differently.  I've gone back and forth about it for awhile and decided that the girls are finally old enough to take care of them mainly on their own.  When I was younger I remember my Aunt taking me to get my ears pierced.  My sister graciously offered to take the girls.  So, the Friday after Thanksgiving (11-28-14) we took the girlies to the mall to get their ears done.  I was absolutely shocked at how well they did!!!  Here are some videos and photos:

They both are so proud of their new "diamond" earrings. 

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