Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dress up time!

For a Daddy who really wanted a boy, I have never seen a guy so happy to play dress up with his girls!   I had originally bought these outfits for our Christmas pictures that we are having done next weekend.  After much thought, we decided that we wanted to something a little more formal with the girls.  I still wanted to take some pictures.  This also gave us a chance to make sure our tights & shoes fit for next weekend.  I hope you enjoy these picture as much as we do!!  By the way:  Just wanted to give a little mention to the maker of these tutus.  Liz, fellow mommy of two beautiful girls as well, has a great shop called The Painted Daisies.  I recommend checking it out!

The above five pictures are Alexis.  She cooperated with the process but I'm not sure she was exactly having much fun!!

The above five pictures are Miss Addison.  She really liked playing dress up.  Even though we have yet to capture her beautiful smile on camera, she was smiling like crazy for us.


Robin said...

Omg!! They are sooo cute! That is right up there with the Halloween Pictures!!

Good luck at the photo studio. I suggest the first appointment of the day. Those places are madhouses.

Robin said...

And you know, Alexis is really starting to look like you!

Elizabeth said...

How sweet are you!!! Sorry it didn't work our for your formal pictures! Such pretty girls!! Thanks for the shout out!