Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Remember This???

It is hard for me to believe that this picture was taken a little over a year ago.....

This was the first picture that we ever had taken of the four of us together. 

This past weekend, we once again attended our annual subdivision picnic/cook out.  It was filled with good food, great company, the excitement of a bounce house & a visit from our local fire department.  We once again attempted to get a group shot on the fire truck.  Here is what we got:

I still can't believe how big my munchkins have gotten in the last year!  The girls were very interested in the fire truck.  Addison was totally into checking everything out.

Above:  Addison watching the big kids.

Above:  Alexis left & Addison right. 

Above:  Alexis left & Addison right.

Above:  Alexis left & Addison right.  Alexis found a leaf that she didn't let go of the entire day!

Above:  Addison totally into the fire truck. 

Above:  Addison was pretty excited about the orange cones protecting the perimeter of the truck.

The girls were also pretty excited to have their first experience in a bounce house.  We cleared out all the big kids for about five minutes and the girls got to "bounce".....correction, I got to bounce the girls up and down.  They really loved it.  They liked crawling around in the bounce house, but were more excited when we would lift them up and down to jump.

Above:  Me & Addison.  That little girl just couldn't get enough of the bounce house.

Love that smile!

Above:  Alexis laughing so hard she was almost crying. 

And I saved the best for last.....The girls were super excited just to be outside playing.  Terry was able to capture some incredible pictures of the girls roaming about.  Here are a few of my favs:

The above five pictures are all Alexis.  Notice the leaf she is STILL carrying around?

The above five pictures are all Addison.  Do you think she may be teething?  I seriously can't get that girl to keep her fingers out of her mouth lately.  The last photo is my favorite.


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I love the last picture too, what a cutie! Isn't it something that they are twins and look so different? What an amazing God to make such individuals!

Jessica said...

How neat that you were able to get the same picture one year later! It is amazing how much they have grown.