Saturday, November 6, 2010


Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the girls from Halloween.  They had a blast trick or treating this year.  A big thanks to my friend Sherri for helping us chase the girls around the neighborhood.  Without her, these pictures would not be possible!  In hindsight, we should have put the girls in their wagon and pulled them around the neighborhood.  Oh well, next year we will be better prepared! 
We attended a small Halloween gathering the Friday before Halloween.  As you can see, Lex was not happy about having her picture taken that day.

My little duckling.  Love those big brown eyes!

Checking out the other people in costume.

Alexis was very intrigued by the costumes.

Alexis running away from us on Halloween night.  She really could have cared less about the blow up pumpkin in one of our neighbors yard.

Addison, my sweet little bug.

Addison checking out all of Trina's candy.

Addison Grace...don't you just wanna squeeze her?

Round 1...not quite sure what to think about the costume.

An attempt to get both girls in one picture.  Didn't work too well!

The best group shot we could get at the party.

Another attempt to get a family picture on Halloween night.  This was the best we could do.


Lisa said...

They are soooo cute! I love the costumes.

Emily said...

Adorable! And I'm very impressed with your family photos. I always forget to get those! :)

Jessica said...

Great family shot! We couldn't make it without the wagon either, we started out without it and lucky grandpa came because we sent him back to the house for it once we couldn't contain everyone.

tgsaqura said...

how sweet your little girl...:)