Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Way behind....

I just realized that I neglected to do a 24 month and 25 month update on the girls.  Seems like I'm running around in circles lately.  But I wouldn't change one single second of it!  I don't even know where to begin?  There is so much about the girls that I want to document on a daily basis and by the time I think about doing it, I have forgotten what I wanted to write down.  UGH!

Let's give it a try...
Height & Weight:  Good question.  Addison was just shy of 23 pounds when we took her to the pediatrician on April 15th for her 2 year check up.  I'm guessing she is around 24 pounds right now.  She was 34 1/2 inches tall at that appointment as well.  The pediatrician predicts Addison's height to be 5'8".   
Alexis was just shy of 24 pounds when we took her to the pediatrician on April 15th for her 2 year check up.  I'm guessing she is around 25 pounds right now.  She was 34 1/4 inches tall at that appointment as well.  The pediatrician predicts Alexis's height to be 5'7".

Both girls have become  pretty finicky eaters lately.  They both still love their fruits and veggies, but getting any form of meat into them has become near impossible.  They both constantly ask for Mac N Cheese.  Whenever they get Mac N Cheese,  they say "yummy tummy".  It also includes an adorable rubbing of their little bellies.

Addison still despises her crib tent.  (I need to take a picture of these to post)  Several weeks back the girls discovered they could climb out of their cribs.  Terry and I made the executive decision that they are/were not ready to be in toddler beds yet.  We purchased crib tents to help with this issue.  Addison is not a fan.

Addison is a serious chatter box.  Talks non-stop.  I love it.  She cracks me up with some of the things she says.  Last Sunday night, Terry was mowing the yard.  It was nasty, hot and humid.  Terry had his shirt off.  The girls were watching him in the backyard through the window.  Addison looked at me and said "Daddy vacuum outside?"  She wasn't quite sure what he was doing.  Then after a few minutes she said "shirt off, shirt off", and was trying to take her shirt off.  Once I told her that she needed to keep her shirt on, she pointed outside and said "Daddy shirt off".  She wanted to take her shirt off like Daddy.  She didn't understand the concept that it's ok for boys to be topless but not little girls.  At least once a day, Addison pipes up with some funny comment.  It's so fun to watch that little brain work and watch as they finally comprehend something.  Love it!

Alexis is still struggling with her speech.  She has gotten better but really struggles.  This breaks my heart!  Alexis trys so hard to communicate with us verbally and gets so frustrated when we can understand or figure out what she saying.  We are hoping the speech therapy will help her.  I will blog about that another day.  I'm in the process of fighting the system and once I win that battle I will explain more.  Until then, we continue to work with Alexis to help her verbally.  Watching her struggle is like ripping a knife through my chest. 

Addison has become the bully of the two lately.  She doesn't want to share.  Anything Alexis has she immediately wants.  She pushes, yells and hits.  We are really working on this, but are finding it to be very difficult to make her understand what sharing is.  Alexis is so patient and laid back.  99% of the time she will let Addison have whatever it is she wants.  The other 1% of the time she gets really mad!  Recently, Addison kept taking every toy Alexis had.  Alexis would go get something else.  Addison would take it away.  After getting about 5 or 6 different toys and having Addison steal them from her, Alexis got fed up.  She walked right over to Addison, ripped the toy from her hand, grabbed her arm and bit it.  I guess she can only take so much??

While Addison has become the bully she also has developed a very caring and nuturing side to her personality lately.  She always makes sure that everyone is "ok".  A few nights ago, I stubbed my toe on our kitchen island.  I yelled.  I've been very good at not cursing, but I did yell.  Addison came up to me, patted my leg and said "Mommy ok?".  She proceeded to ask me, "Mommy boo boo?"  I showed her my foot and she kissed it.  Both girls love to give kisses and hugs.  But also love to have their boo boo's kissed.  Every slightest little thing is a boo boo that must be kissed.  I don't mind all the kisses one bit! 

Both girls love animals.  Pretty much just about any animal there is they love it.  We are always on the look out for dogs, birds, bunnies and ducks.  Our subdivision has a pond/lake in it.  There are frequently ducks walking around our subdivision.  Several nights ago, we were playing on our back deck and two ducks wandered into our yard.  Addison said "feed ducks".   I asked her what we should feed them.  I really wasn't expecting any form of response, but she said cheerios.  So we fed the ducks cheerios.  Alexis cracked up laughing that the ducks were eating the cheerios. 

Both girls are wearing 24 month or 2T clothing.  Alexis wears a size 5 diaper and Addison wears a size 4 diaper.  We still are using Costco brand diapers and wipes. 

Both girls love music and dancing.  Terry and I are both music lovers, so they come by this honestly.  Alexis always asks us to turn on the stereo so she can dance.  She is infamous for bringing me my ipod so she can hear music.  Addison follows her lead and will dance whenever she notices Alexis getting all the attention because she is dancing.

I'm sure that there is a million other things that I can document, but none of them are popping into my head at the moment.  I really need to be better at documenting all of this.  They are growing so fast!

I will leave you with a few pictures from a few days ago.  Our neighbor Trina has an adorable little puppy that the girls love.  The puppy came over to our deck a few days ago and the girls were in heaven.

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Robin said...

Your girls are so beautiful. I love reading about them! Great update :) Are they doing sign language with Alexis to help reduce her frustration in the meantime?