Monday, September 12, 2011


Over the last few months, many of the appliances in our house have begun to crap out.  Most recently, our refrigerator has been failing to perform up to par.  I've known this for awhile and haven't done much about it.  This past weekend we decided we needed to purchase a new fridge before we were left without one.  This involved a trip to Sears in our local mall.  The girls were super excited.  They know the mall has a fun play area and lots of rides.  After selecting our new fridge we let the girls loose in the play area......

(sorry for the quality....all pictures in this blog post were taken from my phone)

I typically don't give in to letting the girls play on rides when we go to the store, but in this case, they had been so well behaved in the store we decided they deserved a treat.

Alexis really wasn't so sure about the horse.

Addison wanted to take the horse home with us. 

Loved the Mickey car.

The girls loved this race car until Terry turned it on. 
It was moving and shaking and they were not having any part of that.

Addison couldn't get enough of Mickey.  She kept saying "hug Mickey, hug Mickey".

So in two weeks, we will have a brand spanking new, top 'o the line refrigerator.  Fingers crossed that our existing fridge doesn't totally crap out before then.

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