Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Perfect Saturday....

Last Saturday, After our build event, We stopped by the grocery store on the way home to grab mainly milk, and a few other items.  As we were shopping, Addison mentioned that we should go to the park.  I was on board with her idea.  As we were talking about which park we should go to, she asked if we could have a picnic.  What a perfect idea!  It was shortly after 11:00, and we needed to plan for lunch anyway.  We picked up a few things for our picnic, ran home for a few minutes, made some sandwiches and off to the park we went.  Both girls were in heaven and keep asking when we can have our next picnic.

This was the best solo photo I could get of Addison.

Group photos are getting harder and harder to come by! 

There was just the slightest crispness to the air when we arrived at the park.  We ate lunch and quickly ditched our sweatshirts.  It was just one of those beautiful days that you never want to end.
Several times this week, I've heard the girls discussing "our next picnic".  Conversations have entailed: menus, crayons vs. markers, soccer balls vs. big bouncy balls, and wearing sandals or tennis shoes.
Love these two to pieces!!

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