Friday, October 2, 2015

ER visit....

I'm Alexis has been fighting this bug now for close to a month that she just couldn't shake.  Last Sunday her temperature skyrocketed and she sounded like a sea lion when she would cough.  I couldn't bare to watch her be in pain anymore.  We made a quick trip to the hospital, got a steroid shot, breathing treatment and some antibiotics and we were on our way.  Slowly but surely I think she is on the mend.  There is definitely a nasty bug going around.  Fingers crossed no one else gets it. 

You can slowly see her perk up in the progression of these photos.  Amazing what those steroids do for those preemie lungs.

Alexis kept asking me what all the signs in the room said.  I made her at least attempt to sound them out and read them on her own.  She saw this one and declared it to be "mumbo jumbo". 

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