Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cast #2...

On July 5th Alexis had her pink cast taken off and a new fancy orange "waterproof" one put on.  As with everything during this whole process she has been incredibly amazing.  Here are a few photos:

Cutting off the pink one.  She was so brave and the nurse did an amazing job of prepping her throughout the process.

Cast free for about 30 minutes and waiting for x-rays.

Alexis has loved looking at her x-rays.  Doc said the bone growth was not as good as he hoped but is definitely progressing. 

Applying the waterproof underside of the cast.

On goes the orange...

And now we can swim, and bathe, and play in the sprinkler!!  Thankfully cast #1 was only on for two weeks.  This one has been amazing--allowing her to swim and do most of the activities that she wants to do in the summertime!

We go back on the 26th for another checkup and x-rays.  Doc said potentially she may have to have cast #3 placed depending on new bone growth.  Cast #3 would most likely not cover her entire arm and would potentially just go below the elbow.

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Misty Dawn said...

That is so cool how you took pics through the process! She is such a brave girl!