Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just a quick update on today's doctors appointment....

We started the morning with a fun and exciting glucose test. BLAH!!! For those of you who are not familiar with this process.... they give you a bottle full of glucose to drink(probably about the amount of a can of soda). This glucose substance is similar to drinking a substance about the same consistency of syrup but instead of tasting like syrup it tastes like really thick, goopy orange soda. (yes, goopy is very technical adjective!!) You have 5 minutes to drink this garbage. If you vomit or don't complete the process within 5 minutes you have to start over on a different day. I was able to drink my "orange goop" in just under 4 minutes. It was so gross that I was determined not to have to do it over. Yes, a little gagging did occur, but I managed to keep it down. You then have to wait one full hour and then have your blood drawn. This whole process is checking for gestational diabetes. I'm freaking out about having this, but that's a blog for another time!!! I should have results in 24 hours. If I actually have it, I will explain my issues, but I'm praying that I don't!

Then Terry and I went to breakfast before our eleven o'clock appointment with the OB. I forgot to mention that the gestational diabetes test required me not to eat anything after midnight. I seriously was so hungry!! These babies like their food...not to mention so do I!!! Anyway, this may come as a shock, but my doctor was again running late. Around 11:40 we see the doctor...let me not forget that my weigh in this week added another 4 pounds. I'm now up about 32 pounds....YIKES!! Dr. Cleary didn't do an ultrasound this time, which was so weird. Every appointment that we have had to date included an ultrasound. He listened to the babies heartbeats with some strange little device. Both babies were fired up. I'm sure that it had something to do with all the sugar I drank this morning doing the glucose test. Their heart rates were in the 170's. Here comes the kicker....the doctor said that the reason why he didn't want to do an ultrasound was because he was no longer concerned about keeping the babies in. He said that if my cervix shortens or begins to soften again (which is why I had the cerclage done 5 weeks ago) that we would just let the process of delivering the babies begin. THIS WAS MY HOLY CRAP MOMENT!!! It just doesn't seem right that we've made it to the point that they are no longer concerned about keeping the girls in utero. Obviously the longer they hang out, the less time they will have to spend in the hospital, but it still was kind of a shock to me. They will do one final ultrasound to measure the girls size and weight next week but we are no longer doing ultrasounds to measure the length of my cervix.

So, I'm sure I will have new ultrasound pictures to post next week....as well as picture of the nursery. I've been holding off on posting them, because we haven't received the bedding or the curtains yet. When I do post the pictures, I want you to be able to see the 100% full finished project. It looks great now, but both Terry and I are excited to see the fully finished project.

New dates to remember....
Tuesday, April 7th @ 3:00PM EST.....Ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine
Tuesday, April 14th @ 1:00 PM EST.....next OB appointment

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