Monday, July 19, 2010


Over the weekend the girls officially made the transition from formula to cow's milk.  We got the ok from the pediatrician that she was happy with their weights, and we could make the change.  Let me tell you WOW, I love pouring milk from a gallon jug so much better than I like measuring, mixing and making formula!!!!  I'm sure that going to the grocery store twice a week to buy milk is going to get old, but you will not hear me complain for one second!  I would much rather buy 3 or 4 gallons of milk each week than 6 or 7 cans of formula!

Our pediatrician advised us to make the change on the girls own schedules.  She told us to kind of play it by ear and feel it out to see how the girls react to the change.  She said sometimes you might need to take a week to make the transition or it could just happen in a day or two.  Once again, my little angels never cease to amaze me!  They didn't even bat an eye at the change.  Saturday morning we got up, did our usual breakfast routine but minus making a pitcher of formula.  I gave them their bottles of milk and they started drinking it as if they weren't any the wiser.  I think being on a toddler milk-based formula also helped with the transition. 

I can't tell you how much I love these two little gals!  Each day they amaze me more and more.  They are starting to really understand what we say and can follow simple commands like, "get me the ball" or "stop trying to feed your pancakes to the cat".  Every day they become more and more like toddlers and less and less like little baby girls. 

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Robin said...

"stop feeding the pancakes to the cats"- lmao

Great news! Are they using sippie cups yet? Then you don't even have to deal with cleaning nipples, etc..