Saturday, August 6, 2011

A morning at the Park....

With temperatures here in Indiana being the warmest that it has been in over 25 years, we recently broke a record for the hottest summer since 1948.  Today marks the 22nd day of 90 degree plus weather.  We have been trying to find fun indoor activities for the girls, but this morning we decided to hit the park before it got too miserable.  Even at 9:30 in the morning it was still 83 degrees, but it was at least tolerable.  We found a new park that is relatively close to our house and the girls had a blast.  It truly amazes me how quick and daring they are.  Alexis has no fear! Addison follows her lead but usually isn't the first to try new things.  Here are a few pictures from our fun morning at the park....

The park is really neat with high walkways and plenty of stuff to climb one.

Alexis freaked me out when she said she wanted to go down this slide.

Seriously...NO FEAR this kid!

Addison had to try it once she saw how much fun Alexis had.

Driving the ball pit.  Turning the steering wheel makes the balls in the pit rotate.

We had some difficulty making Alexis understand that you only go down the slides not up them. 

She got half way up this rock wall before I had to put the camera down and grab her.

Loving the xylophone.

And the chimes....

Addison would play the chimes and say "chime chime chime chime".

Ringing the bell.

Addison like to people watch.  The big kids intrigue her.

And as you can tell by Miss Addison's was starting to get really humid so we all headed back home for lunch and a nice long nap!

Hope your weekend has been just as fun!


Jody said...

I want to play at that park!! It looks like way too much fun.

Emily said...

That park looks AMAZING! Hope your weather cools down soon!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

You'll have to tell me where this park is, my girls would have a blast there!

Looks like your girls had fun! Love how their personalities are growing and showing more and more. Such fun!