Monday, August 22, 2011

NICU Reunion 2011...

 You may remember reading my previous posts about our family attending the annual St. Vincent Women's Hospital NICU reunion. 
(If not they can be found here.... 2009 reunion and 2010 reunion)

This is definitely an annual tradition in our home.  It truly is incredible to celebrate so many miracles in one location.  God's handywork was definitely on display all morning.

It's surreal to me to go back and look at how much the girls have changed in the past two years.
It was so great to see all the doctors and nurses who took such great care of our kiddos.  An eternal gratitude is not even close to explaining how we feel about each and everyone who cared for our precious girls like they were their own.

Here are a few pictures...

Addison on her pony.  The pony's name was Sunshine.  She kept repeatedly asking for Sunshine the remainder of the day.


Alexis not quite so sure. 

After dismounting her horse...Alexis kept saying "sit on, sit on".  She wanted to keep sititng on the horse.

No fear this child....I think we came close to losing a few fingers.  She was so eager to pet the mini-pony.

Alexis was mesmerized with the pony that was her size.

The girls also spent a few minutes attacking a bunny.

Of course the famous train ride where the parents have to squeeze into a car way to small. Alexis was so intense with the steering wheel.

Addison ready to roll.

Two of the most amazing nurses ever.  Carrie on the left holding Alexis and Liz on the right holding Addison.  Liz was our primary day nurse.

The duck pond. 

Addison just couldn't choose.  She told Terry... "I take all duckies".

Addison gave the Fire Pup a big hug.  Alexis was petrified of him.

One of the most amazing woman ever, and our girls.  Lisa was our primary night nurse and is still a huge means of support to our family. 

Dr. DeSanto, Nurse Lisa and our girls.

Dr DeSanto was one of our primary doctors in the NICU.  You may remember this post (click here to read) that my Mom wrote a few years ago.  Dr. DeSanto was the one who told us about the initial findings of Addison's brain bleed.  She was also the doctor who told us that Addison would probably never walk or use the left side of her body.
When we ran into Dr. DeSanto she imediately remembered our case.  She quickly asked how things were going and if the girls have any residual preemie issues.  She told us that having to give us that bad news was one of the worst days of her career.  She said she remembers it like it was yesterday.  She continued to tell us that God is the only explanation because what she saw in those test results just doesn't go away.  Good thing I had my sunglasses on because the tears were flowing out of my eyes.

The girls can't pass by a slide without giving it a try.  Addison was having a blast.

Alexis wouldn't get off the slide.  This girl can spot a playground a mile away.

Both girls loved these quack quacks. 

This always is such an amazing event designed to recognize the strength and accomplishements of former patients of the NICU and allows all families to reconnect with other NICU families and the staff members who cared for their children.

As always, it was great to see all our doctors and nurses again.  It really does take a special type of person to be a NICU employee


Elizabeth said...

What a neat NICU reunion!!! Those girls are getting bigger and bigger!! Love seeing pics!

Emily said...

What a touching post, especially the part about talking with the girls' doctor about Addison's test results and recovery. What a tribute to God's mercy! And I agree - there's very few people as amazing as NICU employees (I'm blessed to have one for a mom!).