Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My two Princesses...

This past weekend we made our way up to Chicago to celebrate our twin niece's (Greta and Amelia) fifth birthday.  Our kiddos were invited to join in the celebration at their very first princess party!  

Our girls were such troopers in the car on the way.  Despite being stuck in Chicago traffic for over an hour and a half, the girls did great minus one small vomit issue from Miss Addison.
Addison appears to have inherited her mother's aptitude for getting car sick.  Luckily I saw it coming and was able to grab a cup to mitigate some of the damage.  She still was in need of an immediate bath upon arrival, and her stuffed piglet doll also took a quick bath in Aunt Gretchen's wash machine.

*****quick note and a big thank you to my good friend sherri for helping me hem the girls dresses.  i couldn't of figured it out without her help!*****

Here are a few pictures....

The very cool "gates" upon entering the party.

The girls and Ga Ga.  (Terry's Mom)

An attempt at a family photo.  Not the best but it was all we got.

Both girls were obsessed with the balloons.

Addison and her cousin Greta. 

Addison people watching.

Alexis checking everything out.

My Girls with the birthday girls.  Amelia in pink and Greta in blue.

The very cute princess crown cupcakes.

Alexis and her droopy eyes.  She was so tired.

Lex again.

My little Miss Addison.

Best Friends.  I'm still shocked that they wore those crowns for as long as they did.

A very intense conversation between Addison and Pop.  (Terry's Dad)

The Limbo

The girls watching the real live princess that was at the party.

Alexis and Ga.  This is Alexis' cheese face.  Luckily we had brought a change of clothes for the girls.  They were getting very hot in their princess dresses.

Getting pedicures at the party. 

Sitting for story time with the princess.

And here are a few videos.....

If you're happy and you know it.... 

Alexis was all over the place and wouldn't sit still for too long.

My little jumping bean.  Addison is constantly jumping all the time now.  This video captures it perfectly.  Again, poor Alexis was just so tired.

We had originally planned to stay in Chicago from Saturday through Monday.  Unfortunately, on Sunday afternoon the girls began to melt down.  Terry made the executive decision to pack up and head back home.  We were very surprised that we made great time getting out of Chicago, only to be disappointed to be stuck and parked on the highway just 30 minutes from home.  Again the girls were such troopers.  I really do credit their good travels to the portable dvd player we installed in the car.  What a lifesaver!  We finally got home around 9:15 Sunday evening.

Since I had already taken Monday off work we decided that we couldn't waste such a beautiful day.
Stay tuned for Part TWO.....
(sorry too many pictures for one blog entry)

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Your girls are adorable! They are only a monthish younger than my b/g twins!
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