Monday, October 27, 2008

More waiting.....

OK, so we had a great weekend...

I took Terry to a local pumpkin patch & corn maze. Can you believe that a 42 year old man has never been to a pumpkin patch? He blames it on growing up in Chicago. Even though we had a great time together, it was still kinda sad. Everyone on the hayride to the pumpkin patch was with their children...and here sat alone, my husband and I, childless.

But I digress, We can only hope that this time next year we have a little one to take with us. But I am constantly trying to remind myself that GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! NOT ME, BUT GOD!!!

But I do have to share a story, If this offends anyone I apologize in advance.

Terry shared with me his story of "depositing his specimen" as he calls it...
The doctors office apparently has a "video of the day". I guess that makes sense. If you have to "deposit" two days in a row, this way you don't get bored right? Well, apparently my husband is rather picky with his porn. I won't tell you what he said about Friday's video. But Saturday, I guess the video obviously had two people engaging in the physical act of love. But here's the kicker.... it was thru a fence. The guy on one side and the woman on the other. Apparantly, Terry was not at all impressed with what we now refer to as "fence porn". He commented on how the woman looked like a devil.

I'm not sure why this is so funny to me. But I guess if you can't find something little to laugh about during this process you are going to drive yourself nuts.

We are hoping that the crazy "devil fence porn" story is some kind of crazy sign. We do our test on Friday, October 31st. HALLOWEEN!! My older sister found out on Halloween 5 years ago that she was prego. Sounds like a sign to me???

I'm trying soooo hard to be optimistic!! But the 2ww is KILLING ME!!!!

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