Monday, December 29, 2008

Just an after Christmas update....

Nothing really exciting to post... No doctors appointments lately, which actually has been kind of nice. We go back on January 16Th for our next check up.

The babies already received Christmas gifts this year. I know...Terry's Mom is a little obsessive about shopping. But they did get some really neat Disney things for their room. Terry and I went shopping over the weekend and got some really GREAT deals!! We went to Old Navy's after Christmas sale. I spent $47 and got almost $300 worth of maternity clothes. I finally broke down and had to buy some maternity pants. After spending a couple of weeks trying to cram my rear end into my regular clothes, I decided it was finally time. I also got several really nice maternity sweaters for Christmas. Other than that, our Christmas was rather uneventful....just the typical screaming of kids being overtired and super excited.

Just a quick update on my previous post..... I did sort of attend the mid-night service. Being that I can barely stay awake past 9:00pm, I wasn't quite sure how I would make it through a mid-night mass. I went at 11:30 for the children's service and then I bolted for several reasons.

1. I didn't think that my snoring would be appropriate during a church service.
2. See my previous post about my current issues with the Catholic Church
3. I'm fairly certain that the odor of the incense would definitely have made me vomit.

We did also make a quick stop by Babies 'r' Us just to check some things out. We have been a little leery of buying things for the babies yet, but if everything goes well with our next appointment we are going to start painting and decorating the nursery. We've narrowed down our selection for the cribs. Terry has chosen one and I have chosen another. Above are pictures, let us know which one you like best!! We need help deciding! (I'm not going to tell you who chose which crib. I don't want that to influence any ones choice) The top crib looks black in the picture but it is actually cherry. (I tried to post the pictures below this blog, but apparently I'm not smart enough to figure out how to do that????)


Jennifer said...

I like the one on top!

Geoff said...

The shape and color of the top one looks better to me.

Brenda said...

I like the top one too..but also know from personal experience that when they get dinged up from the kids that it shows up a lot I like the top one...but the bottom one is a little more practical if you keep it for them for any length of time :o)