Monday, December 15, 2008

Quick Dr's Appointment update....

Had another appointment today. I feel like I live at doctor's offices. We met our high risk guy who will be delivering our babies. I have to say, that I really like this guy. My appointment was at 11:00 and we didn't leave until almost 1:30. I had 100 (no exaggeration) questions and he sat patiently with me and answered every single one. We had another ultrasound today(#4 or maybe this is #5, I'm losing count already). The babies look good and were really active. I think we may have a couple gymnasts on our hands. One of the babies kept doing flips. The other one looked like it was scratching its head.
Obviously, the third baby is still there but doesn't do anything. It will no longer continue to grow nor will it take any nutrients from the other two. The doctor assures me that it will have no affect on the health of the other babies. It will remain the same size & shape that it is now.
Yes, we are still having triplets, but we only will be bringing two home from the hospital (God willing). I actually will give birth to three babies. For some reason, when people say "well, it's twins now" that really bothers me. In our hearts, We always will be parents to triplets. Our baby 'Hope' just decided to make her way to heaven without gracing us with her presence first.

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