Monday, October 11, 2010

Children of the Corn??

Took the girls to the local pumpkin patch over the weekend.  I seriously can never remember going to a pumpkin patch and being too hot.  Usually we get to enjoy warm apple cider and some hot chocolate....not so much this year.  The temperature was close to 85 degrees and we were making sure to keep the sun block near.  We had a blast checking out the different animals and just generally being out of the house and enjoying the beautiful day.  I love that the girls are actually understanding animals now.  They can tell me pig, horsie, duck etc.  They still get confused sometimes, but watching their little minds work, makes me very happy.  The girls loved running around the corn maze.  Yes, I said "running".  It was so hard to get decent pictures, because it seems as if they both like to run in different directions.  Here are a few pictures, I couldn't decide which ones  I like best so there are a bunch:

 Addison checking out the piggies.
Addison watching the horsie. 
My best attempt to get both of the girls looking at me.

Addison on the toy horsie. 
Alexis determined not to look at me.

Again, my best attempt to get both girls to look at the camera.  Alexis left & Addison right. can you not love that little face? 
Alexis (left) Addison (right)  Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?
Alexis in the scarecrow head.
Addison in the scarecrow.

All the following pictures are the girls playing in the corn maze.

Addison says, "looking for the perfect pumpkin is hard work.  I'm just gonna rest here for a second... right in the dirt."

Addison, "which one shall I get?"

Addison, "This one looks good".

Alexis, "I like this one but it's a little heavy for me."

Addison testing out her muscles.  I didn't work.  The great pumpkin won.

Alexis also putting her muscles to the test.  She just ended up knocking it over.

Alexis, "I like this one!"


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

What sweet pictures! Love the fall, wish we could get a bit more of it here though! I've heard toward the end of the week it should be cooler. Hope so. :)

Oh, and I got Lilla to stop biting by biting her back. Not too hard, just pointing out it hurts and is not good. She didn't have someone else biting her though, so, hmmmm....don't know about that one.

Eileen said...

Your girls are gorgeous! stopping by for the first time from Multiples and More! Look forward to reading more!