Monday, January 17, 2011

21 Months!

Man on man how time flies!  It seriously seems like just yesterday we were outside trick or treating with the girls and now we are just a mere three short months away from their second birthdays.  The girls have come so far and it's time for another update.  I just realized that I missed doing updates for nineteen and twenty months.  Oops!  I will add more pictures soon!

  • Height & Weight???  Not sure....thankfully we have not had to make an appearance at the pediatricians office since their 18 month checkup.  I did attempt to weigh the girls on my "grown up" scale the other evening.  I'm guessing she is about 21 or 22 or so pounds.  I have no clue on the height, but she definitely has sprouted up recently.
  • Currently still uses Size 4 diapers (Costco Brand)
  • Generally wears 18 month clothes.  Ok, this one is tricky.  She wears a 24 month top & 18 month pants.  Addison has a longer torso, but a skinny little butt and shorter legs.
  • Size 5 shoe
  • Has a billion teeth and seems like she is getting more and more everyday.  I've lost count & I'm not sticking my hand in her mouth to find out anymore.
  • Still loves Barney and Elmo.  New to the list is Big Bird & Cookie Monster.
  • Is a Chatty Kathy!!  Talks like crazy and will repeat everything you say.
  • Gives the best hugs ever!!!  If you ask her for a hug and hold your arms out, she will come running and squeeze you as tight as she can with her little arms.
  • Loves to read books.  I can't say that she really has a favorite toy anymore because they are constantly into everything and don't stay content with one thing for too long.
  • Starting to count.  She gets one, two & three without help.  The other night I counted to four and she screamed five.  Also, kinda into the alphabet.  She will since along with you kinda.  But she constantly says "E, F, G" whenever she watches Sesame Street.  I'm not sure what happened to A, B, C & D?

  • Height and Weight??  Again not sure on this.  According to our "grown up" scale she is 23 or 24 pounds.  She also has sprouted up in the height area.  She is just a teeny tiny tad bit shorter than Addison but not much.
  • Currently also wears a Size 4 Diaper, but next time we go to Costco she is bumping up to a Size 5.  Baby got back!  :-)
  • Generally wears 18 month clothes.  Again this one is tricky.  Alexis has a shorter torso and longer legs.  She wears 18 month tops and 24 month pants.  She has a bigger tushy & chubbier little legs.  (I never thought I would use the word chubby to describe my tiny little preemie daughters! I love it!!)
  • Also has a billion gazillion teeth and getting more everyday.  She seems to be a little more crabby with the teething issue.  She's been waking up in the middle of the night and always has her fingers in her mouth.
  • Still loves Barney & Elmo.  Likes Big Bird.  Loves Dogs, She can spot a dog a million miles away.  I was clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper and she found a coupon for dog food.  She carried that piece of newspaper around with her for an hour saying "dog, dog, dog, dog".
  • Still has her obsession for Santa Claus.  Anytime she sees anyone with a beard she says "ho ho ho".  We still watch Barney's Christmas on a regular basis.  (I wish that dvd would break!!)  I was in the pantry getting something the other day and she started screaming ho, ho, ho.  I couldn't figure out what she was talking about.  I asked her to show me.  She pointed to Chef Boyardee on a can of ravioli.  He has a beard, so it seems only logical that he is Santa too.  Right?
  • Still doesn't talk as much as Addison.  She's very curious and into everything.  She just doesn't talk about it much.  Seriously, this girl is part monkey.  If she can climb on it she will!
  • Gives the sweetest kisses you will ever get!!  Unlike her sister she won't give you a hug, but if you ask for a kiss, she is right there puckered up.  And she will even come give you a kiss for no reason.  Melts my heart every time I get a kiss out of the blue!
  • Likes to read as well, but won't sit still for as long.  This kid has massive amounts of energy!
  • Kinda counts as well.  She says one, two.  But that's as far as she goes right now.  Which is perfectly fine.  She will sing the alphabet with us, but she isn't really saying anything just humming the melody.

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missdreampainter said...

love all the goodies, these little ones are so awesome you would never know where they started out based on everything they are doing, alexis and kings seem like they are cut from the same mold. it would be so much fun to get them together someday.