Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Part DOS...

Last Sunday we visited the actual pumpkin patch.  The girls took a hayride out to the field to pick their pumpkins.  They both had a blast!  We love this place because there are a ton of fun activities for the kiddos.  As promised here are more pictures....

Addison driving the tractor.

Addison not interested in roping the bull.

Alexis spotted the petting zoo.

Alexis wanted to touch EVERYTHING!!  Here she is petting a mini pony, while I sent Terry back to the car for the hand sanitizer.  Yes, I'm a germaphob!

In the corn maze.

This picture shows little Miss Alexis and her attitude.  She always puts her hands on her hips when she wants something.

Addison waiting for our turn on the hayride.

The girls thought the hay stacks were cool.

Alexis was adamant that she wanted to sit by herself.

Addison picking her pumpkin.

Alexis in the petting zoo.  Addison didn't want any part of this, but Lex was chasing those things like crazy. 

My favorite picture of the trip!

We originally started out with the girls in the wagon, but decided to leave it back in the car.  This was our first excursion without a stroller or a wagon and the girls did incredible.

The pumpkins the girls picked out.  We opted for less mess and no carving this year!


Lisa said...

Very cute pictures! Chloe Jo would definitely be with Addison at the petting zoo. She hates animals. :( Where did you get the Sesame Street characters for the pumpkins? CJ would love those!

Cece said...

Yes -- do tell about the seseme characters!