Thursday, January 26, 2012

Play Doh Time!

This past weekend the girls caught another nasty flu bug.  They weren't feeling well and were just completely bored with being at home.  I refuse to be one of those parents who takes their kids out even when they are sick.  In my opinion, if you are sick you need to stay home as to not spread your germs to the rest of the world.  So in search of something to do at home....we played with play doh.  I'm not sure why we have never done this before, but this was the girls first experience with play doh and they loved it!  They sat in their high chairs (which by the way are almost too small for them now) for almost ninety minutes playing with the doh. They kept telling me how squishy it was and made numerous pretend pizzas and getty (spaghetti). 

Anyone have any other fun indoor activities?  I'm all ears!


Amanda said...

Glad to be a new follower. I also have an Addison Grace!! U can follow me back at

yettie said...

My girls are still toddlers so all their activities revolve around food and learning to walk for now. Sorry I have no better tips. Stopping by from M&M

Elizabeth said...

hey! What pretty girls! Sorry y'all are sick...yuck!!! We love window clings. My girls will play with that forever. Or one time we played with magnets on a cookie sheet they like that too. If I think of anything else I will let you know!