Monday, June 4, 2012

When Gramma comes.....Memorial Day Weekend 2012

This Memorial weekend we celebrated with a visit from Gramma.  The girls are in love with Gramma and were very sad to see her go.  It was extremely hot here that weekend.  Here's some of the fun things the girls did with Gamma....

We played in the new swimming pool.  Which turned into seeing how much water they could drink from the "fountains".

Addison picked up all the pine cones in the back yard.

Alexis showed off her dancing skills.

We played with the hose....which again turned into seeing how much water they each could drink.

Alexis stole Gramma shoes on more than one occasion.

They enjoyed numerous stories read by Gramma.

We played in the sprinkler....ALOT!

We color.  (We also proudly wear our tie dyed shirts Aunt Sandy & Uncle Mike made for us).

And we eat messy treats that Gramma buys for us!!  Alexis is obviously a little more conservative when it comes to getting messy than Addison is.

Over all (minus the heat) we had a fun weekend!!!

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