Thursday, February 28, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes....

Over the past few weeks our cat Jynxie has become really lethargic and has just started acting weird.  Anyone who has met Jynx knows that this is not like her.  Jynx has always acted like more of a dog than a cat.  She used to meet me at the door when I came home from work and she would always be involved with our family activities.  But recently this is all Jynxie wants to do:

I finally made an appointment to take her to the vet to get checked out.  Last Saturday we found out that Jynxie is diabetic and needs insulin shots.  Jynx started her twice a day insulin shots this past Monday.  In just four days we can see a drastic improvement in her condition.  She has more energy, she is more playful and seems to be feeling better.  Terry and I have explained to the girls that Jynxie is sick and that Mommy has to give her a shot everyday to help her feel better. 
So yesterday at the girls school they had a person from the department of natural resources visit.  This person brought a live turtle, bunny, snake and other animals for the kids to see and touch.  The DNR person asked each child if they had animals at home and if so what kind and what their name was.  The also asked if they had any family members or friends who have any pets other than cats or dogs.  Yesterday afternoon I get the following email from the girls teacher:

Mrs. Smith,

As you know the DNR visited our school today.  I have attached a few pictures of your girls touching some of the animals.  After group discussion regarding what pets each child may have at home, Mrs. W and I would like to inquire on the current status of your pet ownership.  Alexis told us that Mommy’s friend has a bird named Jupiter.  She also said that she used to have 4 fish at her house but they have recently gone to heaven.  Addison told us that you have a cat name jinxie.  She said that Mommy took the cat to the cat doctor last weekend because jinxie is sick.  But she then proceeded to tell us that yesterday you came home from work and shot the cat.  We just wanted to touch base and see if everything is ok with jinxie. 

Enjoy your photos,

Mrs. S

Addison petting something....She is in the green and pink stripped shirt.
You can see the girls on the right.  Addison in green and pink and Alexis in the purple shirt.

And for those of you keeping track at home.....Yes, all four of the girls fish have gone to heaven!  They didn't really seem to care.

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Linking over from Multiples & More...this is priceless! I couldn't quit chuckling! Not only was it hysterical what your girls said...but the email from the teacher put it over the top. Hahaha!!!