Monday, April 6, 2009

The latest & Baby Shower #3 (Chicago)

I've been meaning to get on here to update for about a week, but I've been playing the pity party game and haven't been able to bring myself to admit everything that is going on.

So, I left off about a week ago after my glucose test. Well, last Wednesday morning I get a phone call from Nurse Ratchett at my doctors office. (I REALLY love my OB, but his nurse is a witch) So, she procedes to tell me that I totally failed the glucose test. She said that I failed the test by more than 50 points and that it appears that I have become a full blown diabetic. She also indicated that I've become extremely anemic.

My first thought was guilt. The nurse made me feel like this was something that I caused. I've been so careful to eat right and make sure I gag down all my vitamins everyday. There have been SO many times where I've wanted to have a huge cup of coffee, a pepsi or a gigantic piece of chocolate cake etc. While it's been so tempting to say, "I'm pregnant and I'm eating for three", I know eating right will help the babies continue to grow strong. After that phone call, I immediatly start surfing the internet trying to figure out what I could do to fix the problem that obviously I had caused. I quickly learned that 65% of woman who carry multiple babies have gestational diabetes. Carrying multiple babies puts such a such a strain on the mommy's body that pregnancy hormones block insulin's ability to do its job. When this happens, glucose builds up in the pregnant woman's blood. Even the most healthiest of woman can become diabetic while carrying multilples. I also found out that woman with negative blood types are more apt to contract gestational diabetes. Woman who carry the RH factor in their blood may also be more at risk for GD. Inherited from my Mom, I have both a negative blood type and the RH factor. So, it seems like from the beginning, the odds were stacked against me. While this made me feel a little better, I still can't help but feel like I did something wrong.

So, what does this mean for us now.... I had to repeat another glucose test to see just how bad my body's insulin resistant really is. This morning we went back to the lab. I had blood drawn prior to the test. I drank the orange goop once again. Still tastes like crap!! I had to wait an hour and have blood drawn. Wait another hour have blood drawn again. Wait another hour have it drawn once again... repeat this process for 6 hours...the Nurse couldn't find a vein in my left arm so If you look at my right arm right now, I look like I'm some kind of drug user. Seriously, I may have to take a picture of my arm because minus the pain, I have the coolest purple bruise. So, now we patiently pray and cross our fingers for the results of the test. (approx. 48 hours) We hope that my levels come back low enough that everything can be treated without insulin shots. Worse case scenario...My doctor said he would have to admit me to the hospital until the girls are born and feed me through an IV. BLAH!!!!

Saturday, April 4th was my final baby shower in Chicago. Obviously, due to the bed rest restrictions, I wasn't able to attend this shower either. Terry went in my place. He left Friday afternoon. I was really kind of freaked out to be home by myself. I all reality, I think that I was more afraid of having the babies while Terry was out of town. Friday evening my good friend Sue, picked me up and we went to Wal-Mart. While this doesn't sound very exciting to most....I was super ecstatic to make the trip. While I felt like a total idiot, cruising around the store in a motorized wheel chair, I quickly learned to blow off the stares of everyone. I was out of the house and I didn't care!!!

Saturday was the actual shower. I don't really know anything much about it. This makes me so sad!! I know Terry's Mom and his sister Gretchen spent so much time making everything perfect and I missed it. I really have no idea what the shower entailed. Terry forgot our camera so I don't have any pictures. I asked Terry what games they played...He doesn't know. I asked him what the restaurant looked like...He says it looks like a restaurant. I asked Terry how the food was...he said it was food. I don't know if he is down playing everything so that I don't feel even worse about missing the shower or if he is just being a guy and doesn't really care about stuff like this? I do know that we received a ton of adorable baby gifts. We received all of the remaining pieces to finish the nursery. Terry is in the process of putting everything together. Once all the bedding is washed and on the beds I will finally post pictures of the finished product. It looks so great!! Hopefully I will have these pictures up by the end of the week.

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone for looking out for me this weekend while Terry was gone. Having such great friends has made my bed rest so much easier!!! I can never fully explain how much you guys mean to me!!!

Check back soon....we have another ultrasound tomorrow. I'm hoping the girls cooperate and we get some good photos.

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