Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Above is Addison just hanging out.

Above is Addison on the left & Alexis on the right. I think Alexis is trying to tell Addison to get off of her. Who knows?

Addison on the left. Alexis on the right.

Addison on the left. Alexis on the right. In our living room chair.

I've been trying to upload a video of Alexis climbing her boppy since yesterday, but for whatever reason it just won't upload, so I guess we are just going to have to settle for more pictures.

Yesterday evening we set the girls in the chair in our living room to take a picture. Then I decided to grab one of their chairs that match their room for a photo op. These chairs were given to the girls by their Grandma Zehner. They are super cute.

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