Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More pictures & videos...

Since my Mom has been here it's been giving me a little extra free time to do things. (I.E. update my blog, get a much overdue hair cut, go grocery shopping etc. etc.) I've really been trying to keep up with the blog, but the two little munchkins make things a little difficult sometimes.

Yesterday Addison was bright eyed and was just hanging out in her bouncy chair. Her facial expressions were just adorable. I think she was just diggin' the vibration of the chair. See the below three pics of Addison.
Also yesterday, Alexis was laying on her belly on her boppy pillow enjoying some tummy time. She started trying to climb over it. She did a pretty good job!! She actually made it over twice, unfortunately I didn't capture it on video. Both girls are moving around quite a bit. Addison was sitting on her boppy pillow the other morning. I went and did some dishes & made 12 bottles (one days worth). She was quiet the whole time, so I assumed she was sleeping. When I went back into the living room she had scooted herself half way across the living room floor. Next time she does this, I will try to capture it on video. It's too cute!!


Robin said...

Wow! Scooting already! That is great!

Kim Knight said...

Adorable. She looks like she really enjoys the bouncy!!!!