Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today's My Due Date!

So, today is July 7th, the babies full term due date. It's hard to believe that the girls are almost 3 months old already and I wasn't even supposed to have them yet.

Things seem to be a little hectic lately, but we are loving every minute. As much as we try to schedule all their appointments together, it seems like we are always running back and forth to the doctor. This morning both girls had eye exams, which went well, and tomorrow we have another weight check with the pediatrician.
The girls are getting a little more squirmy lately. We used to lay them on our bed in their boppy pillows and not worry about them moving around much, but lately they have been all over the place. So, yesterday I finally hooked up the baby monitor in their room and put them in their cribs so I could take a quick shower. They both didn't seem to mind it much, but were curious about the change of scenery. I put both girls in one crib. See the below pictures. The both seemed to roll back and forth from side to side just checking things out. Alexis is in the orange onesie and Addison is in the white flowered onesie.

We've also been experimenting with different things to keep the girls entertained. They seem to be awake more lately and aren't enjoying their bassinets as much as they used to. Addison totally digs the swing (see below picture) but Alexis isn't quite into it.

We also tried out a couple of bouncy seats this morning. Addison just hung out and pretty much went to sleep but Alexis wasn't quite sure what to think. (note....Their eyes are a little red and puffy from their eye exam this morning)


Anonymous said...

Is the way you tell them apart by their hair?

Lisa said...

They look wonderful!! I feel blessed to have been a small part in getting them to this point. Don't forget we are available to babysit as all of us are missing the cuddling time!